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Very SCARY sex positions (you’ll be dying to try!)


Sometimes ‘scary’ can also be very SEXY…

Take Halloween for example—I think it’s the hottest holiday of the year.

For one, you get to watch girls parade around in skimpy costumes (this year I’m going as a ‘sand-wich’—that’s a witch in a bikini!)

AND Halloween is the perfect time to watch a horror movie or visit a haunted house with your lady…

After all, a good scare gets the heart pounding, which releases endorphins…

…and endorphins make girls very HORNY!

So this year, why not bring the sexy spirit of Halloween into your bedroom, with some frighteningly HOT new moves?

Here are 4 SCARY sex positions…that are guaranteed to keep her heart (and yours!) pounding all night!

The Blood Drainer

This one will definitely make you a little light-headed (but in a good way!).

While lying on your back, ease your body halfway off the bed (or as far as you feel comfortable. Rest your head and upper back on the floor if you need to….just as long as your head is aimed towards the floor).

Then have her mount your shaft in an upright sitting position.
Blood drainer 2

While she bounces up and down on your cock, you won’t be able to see what’s going on (which is a little thrilling in itself)…

…plus, with no visual stimulation, you’ll be able to focus on how EXTRA-TIGHT your girl’s pussy feels when she’s sitting on your cock with her knees bent (as pictured).

Meanwhile, blood will be rushing to your head…

…So if you pop yourself upright, right before you cum, the blood will rapidly flow back to your body…and AMPLIFY all the EUPHORIC sensations of your orgasm!

Rod The Impaler

Back in the day Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula) tortured his victims by driving sharp, metals spikes between their legs.

Needless to say, Vlad the Impaler caused people lots of pain and suffering….

But ROD the Impaler causes nothing but PLEASURE!
You see, despite its gruesome name, Rod the Impaler is perfect for inducing intense female orgasms, because it allows for extra-deep penetration

But be warned: Piercing you girl’s welcoming hole in this position WILL make her scream…in ecstasy;)

Bat Woman

This oral sex position will give you VIP access to every nook and cranny in her pussy…and bring out her inner bat.

Bat woman copy

Simply have your girl throw her legs over the headboard, so she’s hanging upside-down by the knees (like a bat!) with her torso flat on the bed.

Note: if you have a high headboard, put a few pillows under her back, so she’s not actually dangling.

Then spread her thighs about 50-70 degrees—et viola—her flower is in full bloom and ready to be ravaged by your mouth!

Even though ‘Bat Woman’ looks complicated, it’s not. In fact, it’s super comfortable for her…and actually less strenuous for YOU than most other pussy-eating positions.

The Six-Legged Spider

You and your lady are connected at the genitals, while your limbs and heads splay in different directions…

From an aerial view, this position definitely looks like a creepy crawly arachnid…
But all YOU’LL see…is your girl having orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm!

In fact, the spider feels so amazing that I recommend using it all year long, since it directs your cock right into her G-spot with EVERY thrust.

So you don’t have to wonder if she’s going to cum—because in this extra-orgasmic position it’s impossible not to!

These positions are all you need for a night of fright-filled pleasure.

Try them…if you DARE!

Of course, don’t forget to throw in some hair-raising foreplay first…

Maybe put on a mask and chase your girl around the house like a sex-hungry monster…

Or explore your darkest desires by using whips and chains—or other BDSM/bondage sex toys—on each other (just make sure you have a safe word).

There are lots of ghouls and ghosts to turn to for inspiration, so get creative!

Well, what do you think…?

Will you be brave enough to bring these scary positions into the bedroom this Halloween?

I hope you do…and of course, I’ll want to hear all about it;)



PS: What do you think of my costume idea? Should I tone it down…or maybe spice it up? And if you’re getting dressed up this year—maybe for an “adult” Halloween party, or trick-or-treating with your kids—let me know what you’ll be going as!


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