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What Bad Boys Pretend To Have (That Drives Her Wild)


I know what you’re thinking…  Another article on confidence.  Hardly, dude.  I wouldn’t do that to you, and my god, sir, I wouldn’t do that to myself.  I’ve written enough on the topic of confidence, and I’m as bored with it as you are frustrated with hearing it.

So why do we constantly hear it all the time?  Because women don’t know what they want, and as long as they all agree together to tell us something…

We’ll spend our days and nights thinking about it.  And they giggle, because they’re secretly in control.  However, they’re also not getting what they want, so it’s a double-edged sword.

What Bad Boys Pretend To Have (That Drives Her Wild)

Ask a woman what she wants, even after a long conversation about why confidence is an incredibly vague thing to ask for, and without a hitch, she’ll coil back and fire this one out of her mouth without care or concern for its lack of quality:

“Confidence!  LOL!”

Yeah.  LOL, alright.  Who’s laughing, exactly?  I’m not.  You’re not.  She’s not.  It’s a terrible dilemma.

The Bad Boys Fake It

Fast forward, it’s been a few weeks; you think you’ve got this confidence thing down.  The girl you’ve been trying your stuff on seems to be responding well, when out of the blue, she introduces her new guy.

It hits you like a jolt to the heart.  How could this happen?  You’ve been working on your confidence, she’s been giggling, laughing at your jokes, telling you she has a great time with you…

Then she brings in this new guy who is clearly not right for her, and clearly another one of those jerks she’s going to regret in less than 3 months anyway!

If bad boys fake anything amazingly well, it’s definitely courage.  They’ll do one seemingly courageous act, such as approaching her or chatting her up, and making themselves seem really confident in the process…

Until it all unravels less than 3 months later, because when something that requires true courage comes up, he doesn’t actually have the guts to see things through.

Instead of being scared and daring to be brave, he gets scared and runs away.

Either he takes off or she eventually breaks up with him.  Because the guy she agreed to be in a relationship with left some time ago.  The only thing left is the shell of a guy who is pretending to be something that he’s not.

The Dynamic Duo

When it comes to what women want, they definitely do want a guy with confidence.  Who doesn’t?  Would you like to be with a girl who doesn’t know how to do anything?

She needs help tying her shoes every day, walking every day, and doing her projects at work every day.  Not fun.  Everyone finds confidence attractive; it’s just a matter of showing it.

When my yoga instructor passionately explains a series of yoga exercises, and then excitedly demonstrates how to do them, she’s displaying her confidence.  And it’s sexy as hell!  Not just because she’s got a great body in yoga pants, but because she’s passionately displaying her confidence!

Of course, women want the same in you; with whatever it is that you’re confident in!

But without courage, confidence never happens.  You had to have the courage at some point to trying standing for the first time, and then taking those first steps.

If you think about it, you need a whole lot of courage to try anything for the first time!  The scarier it is, the more courage you need!  Then over time, you develop the logical skillset, the familiarity, and the need for courage goes to the wayside.

Just like you’re fairly confident that you can walk now.  But when you were 1 year old, the confidence wasn’t there.  It was a courageous adventure with each step., until you built the confidence over time to know you could walk, then jog, then run, then jump, then play sports.  Am I right?

Dude, I know you don’t know how to approach a girl, chat her up, or be in a relationship with her at each stage of the game.  Neither does she.  She doesn’t need you to be confident in those areas, she needs you to be courageous.

So follow your heart, step into that fear, and go sweep her off her feet.  She’s waiting for you to do so.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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