Three ways to get over your ex quickly

How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex-Girlfriend and Move On

Feeling sorry for yourself is the first step in moving on after a break-up. It is easy to get stuck in this step for far too long. Once you have given yourself a day to grieve, this is what you need to do to get your life back on track.

Don?t talk to your ex

It is very easy to drag out the ending of a relationship by talking to your ex all the time. When you break up, you need to go no-contact to get over the relationship in a timely manner.

Yes, it is difficult. You are used to talking to her all the time, and you are probably feeling lonely and sad. Despite this, you need to resist temptation. If you cannot trust yourself not to contact her, delete her number.

Many people do remain friends with their exes, but the period just after a break-up is not the time to establish a friendship with your ex. If you think you want to remain friends with your ex, tell her that you need some time in which you have no interaction with her, in order to get over the end of your relationship. Go a month without talking to her. You may even find that once the month is up, you have no desire to get in contact.

Block your ex on social media

Delete your ex off the superfluous forms of social media. You really do not need her on Snapchat. Going no-contact does not just mean not hanging out with her- it also means removing any interaction you may have, even if that consists of watching her Snap story or stalking her Instagram. You may choose to keep her on Facebook, particularly if you ended on friendly terms, but if you find yourself compulsively checking her profile, it is time to block her. This will prevent you from being able to keep up with the public aspects of her life, and you will find it much easier to forget her entirely.

Deleting and blocking on social media is not just so you cannot communicate directly, or to stop you from stalking her profile. Often those who are newly single will make posts purely so their ex can see how great their life is now. Because blocking prevents her from seeing your posts, you will not fall into the trap of making posts to tacitly communicate with her.

Supercharge your social life

You do not want to be sitting at home, with nothing to do because you lost your ex?s number and blocked yourself from looking at her Facebook. This is a recipe for extended misery. Instead, distract yourself. Depending on how you feel about the loss of your relationship, you may actually prefer sitting at home and wallowing in your loneliness. Too bad, because you are going to make plans to be out of the house and doing things. Fill up your schedule so you do not have downtime in which you are thinking about your ex. Fill your diary with nights out, catching up with old friends, joining special interest clubs, and going to the gym. If you have flexibility in the workplace, pick up a few extra shifts to fill in the hours. It is all about distracting yourself until you no longer are plagued with thoughts of your ex-girlfriend.


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