Manly ways to wear a cardigan

Cardigan outfit ideas for men

Cardigans have a bad rap for being a metrosexual item of clothing. Despite this, the cardigan is a versatile piece that can be worn in many different ways, and is invaluable for layering. Here is how to style your cardigan with masculine vibes.

Cardigan and leather jacket combo

Layer a cardigan underneath a leather jacket for a devastatingly stylish masculine look. The softness of the cardigan perfectly complements the rough vibes from the leather jacket. This combination is best with a lightweight cardigan; too many chunky layers will have you looking pudgy.

Contrast the color of the cardigan with that of the jacket for best effect. A grey cardigan underneath a black leather jacket is always a good choice. The bottom half of your outfit is up to you. Stylish sneakers and a pair of dark blue jeans would be perfect for a casual yet fashionable look.


A few bold and chunky accessories paired with a cardigan will strike the right balance between fashionable and manly. Designer sunglasses, a thick belt and maybe some masculine jewelry will go well. You may also opt for a cardigan which has large statement buttons for a similar effect.

Substitute a suit jacket

For a smart casual look, combine your cardigan with slacks, a nice shirt and a pair of wingtips. Your cardigan will fill the niche left by your blazer, giving you a unique outfit that is even suitable for the office. The ideal cardigan for this look will be well fitting without being too tight, and no longer than hip length. It should not be too chunky or detailed; the idea here is for the cardigan to be sleek like the suit jacket it is replacing. A dark but neutral color, such as navy blue, is ideal.

Wear a heavy cardigan as a coat

Try swapping out your sport coat for a chunky knit cardigan. Wear the cardigan buttoned up over a polo shirt and blue jeans. Straight leg jeans, rather than form-fitting skinny jeans, are best for this look. A long cardigan with a cowl neckline is best here. To supercharge the rugged look, choose a cardigan with a bold pattern and constructed from coarse wool. Even a grey flecked pattern will do the trick.

Layer over a denim shirt

Try wearing a denim shirt under your cardigan. Much like layering with a leather jacket, it is the contrast that makes this look work so well. The denim shirt oozes macho vibes, while the cardigan is more soft and cuddly. Together, they make for a striking combination. Take care to avoid the double denim look, though- you will need to find an alternative pants option to make this outfit work. A perfect combination would be a light blue denim shirt with a navy blue cardigan, and mushroom colored chinos.

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