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Get a HOT girlfriend fast (7 tricks that really work!)

7 Ways to Get a Girlfriend Fast

Do you ever wonder how the most average looking guys always land the HOTTEST women?

Well, the first thing you must do is keep in mind that these average men who are swooping up all the sexy women are successful at it for ONE reason:

It?s the way they present themselves.

Most guys are afraid to approach a hot woman or feel intimidated because they feel out of her league…but it?s not always about looks!

You don?t have to be rich and good looking to get the cool, hot girlfriend!

Check out my 6 ways to attract all kinds of hot women…ways to make them go SO crazy they?ll be coming at you from every direction =)

1.) Have a Strong Dating Record

Think about this for a second:

Do you ever notice that women aren?t attracted to you for a long period of time, but as soon as you’ve got some pretty arm candy, you?re all the sudden ten times hotter?

Well, this kind of thing happens ALL the time.

Women are subconsciously drawn to men who are taken because they are seeing you in a romantic light.

See, when a man is taken, it makes a woman want to know what else you?ve got going on….And they want to find out what makes you so special and how you won yourself that hot piece of booty.

The girl-on-girl challenge is incredibly alluring to most women…

We constantly try to one up each other and try to be the sexiest one in a group when we all go out. It?s our basic instinct!

And this also goes for dating…

Once a girl sees that you?re busy with other women, she automatically wonders why she didn?t get you FIRST… and her interest in you will grow much stronger!

So get out there and get yourself some dates with a ton of AVERAGE women – even if you’re not actually interested in them.

This will keep you busy and make you unavailable…ultimately forcing the hotterwomen to naturally gravitate to your magnetic charm =)

2.) Be Mysterious?

A woman loves a man who?s got a little mystery in him.

It keeps them intrigued and eager to find out more about you.

You never want to reveal your entire life?s story all at once – especially all of your juicier details.

Doing this will ruin all anticipation and it leaves no room for surprises…and women really like surprises;)

When the two of you get the conversation flowing…it?s very easy to confess all of your secrets and highlight EVERY winning moment of your life right away…

But if you do this…it might come back to bite you in the butt!

If you say too much too soon…she might decide she?s just not that into you.

This is because giving her too much up front is also giving her the chance to jump to conclusions.

Or it just gives her reason to lose interest…

So hold some stuff back and share little things about yourself here and there. She?ll be much more impressed when she finally learns your finer points on her own =)

3.) Have a Plan

Not just hot women, but ALL women want a man who is goal-oriented, and knows what he wants out of life.

This is a HUGE turn on for a woman! It shows her that you are CONFIDENT, intelligent and enthusiastic.

And if she?s anything like me, she’s gonna want a man that’ll keep her balanced…you know, someone to help her set goals and accomplish ambitions.

Well, the same goes for a 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd date…When you?re taking out a hot girl, make a plan and show her that you care enough to follow through with every last detail.

Don?t just ask her what she feels like doing and make a decision based on her answer!

Put some thought into it, and once you figure something out, tell her EXACTLY where you are going, the time you?re picking her up and fill her in on the dress code so that she can dress accordingly…

See, this ?might sound controlling, but it actually just shows a girl that you’re ASSERTIVE and can take charge…And those are qualities that women go crazy for!

4.) Don’t Be So Easy

Think about how good it feels when you?ve been working so hard to save up for that new car you?ve had your eye on, and then finally…

You buy it all on your own with no one?s help, not even a co-signer.

You value it a lot more now don?t you? It?s yours and you worked very hard for it!

That?s because you earned it! You see, when things come too easy, the value of it lessens and this especially goes for dating hot women.

If you make yourself available all the time, a woman will start to EXPECT it… She will know that you?ll be there whenever she calls and soon her interest in you will disappear.

Or even worse…she?ll start to take advantage of you =(

You always want to keep her guessing. Women like the game just as much as men do.

How many times have you been so into a girl and then lost interest because she gave herself up too quickly? It?s because the chase is gone.

Well, hot women feel that too! So your best bet is to always be unpredictable.

Don?t cancel a night out with the guys just so you can see her. It?s OK to reschedule as long as you’re not flaking on an already planned date!

Besides, that shows you are loyal to your friends too – and that you keep your plans.

Simply put: The more work you let a woman put into being with you…the more she?ll WANT it.

5.) Just Go For It Already

The minute you and a hot girl eye each other from across the room, or once it?s been made clear that she?s noticed you, don?t even think about leaving her hanging!

Remember that hot women have guys coming at them all day every day and if you don?t have the balls to approach her for that first kiss or even just to exchange a few words and grab her number…

She will be more than happy to move right on to the next guy who will.

So grow a pair and make your move.

To her, you are just like every other guy in that room and you don?t matter (yet)…

….so be sure to show her that you are worth her while and that you are a confident man who isn?t afraid of being rejected.

If she sees that you are hesitant about saying hello, she will think that you’re just not really into her or that you?re too shy, and she will most likely lose interest.

So ??if you find a woman attractive and want to get to know her…just go for it!

6.) Change It Up

Blowing it with a woman is very easy (and I don?t mean with your load) =)

BUT…one of the biggest ways to turn a hot woman off is by being totally PREDICTABLE.

Women crave the anticipation and excitement that comes with leaving her guessing.

It will keep her on her toes and really spark her attention because she?ll never know what to expect.

So ??don?t be scared to mix things up a bit… It?s OK to change your plans and do something other than what was expected.

If you just take her to dinner three times a week, your woman will get bored very, very fast.

So, instead of going to dinner one of those nights, surprise her with a tasty, home cooked meal at your place.

Instead of going for your normal evening run, take her to a yoga class for the night.

I guarantee if you keep her guessing and throw in some unexpected adventures once in a while, you will have no problem keeping her around and keeping her very, very happy =)

7.) Don?t Be The Desperate Dude

If you haven?t been with many hot women before…act like it anyway!

Because you don?t want to seem like a total rookie.

Once the initial connection has been made and you?ve been on the first date, don’t start calling her every day.

You will lose her in no time at all =(

Women enjoy and NEED their space, so give it to her.

When she texts you, make her wait for your response and when she calls you, don?t always answer right away.

Let her leave a cute message and call her back in 20 minutes =)

As long as you actually call her back, you?re doing just fine!

When dealing with a hot woman, it can be really hard not to want to hang out with her all the time…but you never want to make this desire obvious.

If you do, she will think you have no friends…you have no other interests…and you?re a little too lovesick…

And those things are all BIG turn offs!

Don?t give her a hard time when she isn?t available over the weekend or when she wants to go out with her girlfriends. It?s totally healthy to allow this kind of space.

It makes a relationship grow stronger and it makes you really stand out…because she knows that you’re a man who can hold his own =)

I KNOW these tips will help you to bounce back from a Valentine?s Day…(though?I think you can use them to land a girl by Sunday if you reallywant!;)

Or if you?re just playing the field,?they?ll help you get even MORE girls down the road…

Or even if you already have a sweetie, you can still use these tips to bring a little excitementback into your relatonship!

So let me know how YOU plan to use this information (that way I’ll know what kind of tips to give you later on)?

And promise me you won?t break any hearts, okay? 😉

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