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Should You Date A Fat Girl?

Should You Date A Fat Girl?

If you are asking yourself this question, then you may first need to ask: can I date a fat girl? The latter is not meaningless as self-interrogation. Most men like big tits, a pretty little face, a small waist, long legs, and a round, tight ass. These are signs of fertility that set off our unconscious animal instincts. The big girl you?re flirting with?or who is flirting with you?may be warm, friendly, and somewhat attractive in the face, but she is fat and you must think about what she will look like when she takes her clothes off.

It may sound unkind, but you may find yourself unable to get a hard on when your fat crush bares all. Are you willing to risk going limp at the moment of truth? Will you be able to actually go through with the sex when the time comes?

If you can answer the above questions with a confident no, then you should make no attempt to turn the flirtation into something more?more physical that is. If you are genuinely unsure, then you should put your doubts to rest by testing yourself.

Dating a fat girl no long carries the stigma it once did. Indeed, determining which women are actually fat is problematic in itself. The girl you?ve had your eye on may not be fat so much as she is voluptuous or curvy. The difference between the two lies in shape and proportion.

A relatively flat stomach, normal-sized face, large ass, big boobs, thick but shapely legs and thighs?these are the attributes of a voluptuous woman. Think Kim Kardashian.

A bulbous stomach, large arms, pudgy face, huge legs, swollen ankles?these are the features of a fat woman.

There are also women who are not quite fat but are a little too large to be considered merely curvaceous. Where your girl falls, you will have to decide. In any case, your attraction may owe more to how she carries her body than the exact dimensions of it.

Not all big girls are insecure about their weight. Most have long ago resigned themselves to how they look. The confidence, energy, and sensuousness that your crush expresses and exerts are a consequence of her determination to get the most pleasure that she can out of life. Confidence and vitality are essential elements of being good in bed. A big body does not imply slowness or inertia. You may be surprised at the skill and dexterity with which your girl moves her fleshy bones.

Putting physical matters aside, there are advantages to dating a fat girl. One advantage I can attest to is that fat girls are easier to talk to. Being heavy makes it hard to be inconspicuous. In many ways, fat girls have no choice but to be sociable?both to deal with enemies directly and to make friends who will help them do so. This tends to make them more open to kindness and sincerity.

Gregariousness is another advantage. While not all fat girls are loud and obnoxious, nor do they all go around laughing all the time, they do tend to take themselves less seriously than smaller women?that is, they harbor fewer pretensions. Humor, irony, and wit are no doubt weapons that your crush has had to use to cope with the mean-spirited people she?s had to deal with her entire life. If laughing is one of your biggest joys, then you should date a fat girl?if only to be with someone who makes you feel carefree and relaxed.

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