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Why It Is Okay To Be A Modelizer

Why It Is Okay To Be A Modelizer

?Why fuck the girl in the skirt, when you fuck the girl in the ad for the skirt?? This line from the hit-television show Sex and the City rings true for many men. There is something about models that goes beyond a pretty face and a great figure. Women who make their living posing in front of a camera possess an allure and confidence not shared by others among their sex.

If you spend hours at a time walking, standing, and gesturing in ways intended to put you at your sexiest and most appealing, you will carry on with such motions at all hours of the day. If you spend the same time under the critical eye of men and the jaded gaze of rival models, then you will of course build up within yourself an unshakeable confidence. The effect that models have on ordinary men such as you and me is the result of what they have made of themselves in a life before the camera.

We are all as helpless as babes when we see such creatures striding along the pavement. But perhaps you?ve taken things much further than distant admiration; perhaps you have become a modelizer?a man who goes to extraordinary lengths to find and date models. I cannot help sympathizing with such an ambition. When I lived in Tokyo, I dated a few models and so I understand the root of the feeling. Once you?ve experienced what it?s like to date a model, it is hard to return to ordinary women.

Modelizers become attached not only to the beauty of models, but also to the lifestyle that comes with dating them. Modeling is not like an office job. Work can be scheduled at odd hours during the day, and models must often travel to various cities in order to do photo shoots. This makes dating one a bit of an adventure because you never know when you will be able to see her. My girls would turn up in the middle of the night for a quick fuck, and then leave early the next morning to catch a flight. Under such circumstances, it was necessary to maintain a loose and flexible arrangement; and I confess, there was something about that which kept me intrigued and continuously drawn to them.

Then there are her friends! If you are dating a model, you have no doubt realized that most of your girl?s friends are also models. When you go out to late night parties in someone?s home or poolside, you will be surrounded and accepted by a crowd of smoking hot women?sometimes drunk and eager to flirt with you. Your girl may even have an especially close friend that she likes to invite over to join the two of you. And what red-blooded man can resist having two gorgeous women fawning over him?

In short, modelizing has its advantages. To be sure, the models appearing in magazines and advertisements tend to be concentrated in a few cities around the world. Paris, Milan, New York, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Tokyo are a few the cities where one can find models quite easily. However, given how de-centralized and distributed most industries are these days, it is possible to also find them in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, GA., and, believe it or not, Birmingham, Alabama.

If you are a modelizer and you live in a city or town where no models can be found, you might have to opt for the next best thing?strippers. Strippers share some features with models. They are in a job that requires them to be confident and sensuous for hours at a time, and it is impossible for them to completely shake off such attitudes when they leave work.

The bottom line in any case is that you are after women who are beautiful and radiate their sexuality like a summer sun lights up the sky. ?You are a modelizer. You should not be ashamed of it, though the women in your family and your female friends may call you shallow. The best riposte to this charge is that delivered by the man who uttered the line that began this article: ?Hey, I?m fucking a model.?

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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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