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Date Ideas Beyond Just Getting Drinks

Getting drinks (or coffee) is a pretty common first date plan, but there’s so much more to do besides that. Granted those sort of situations are pretty good for meeting up with someone who you don’t know at all since they’re a lot easier to bow out of quickly if things go terribly wrong. But if you have a good feeling about someone on a first date, or you’re moving on to date number two, it might be time to try something new. Now that it’s springtime going on summer the options are even more varied than usual.

Go to a Baseball Game

Whether or not she’s a big baseball fan is not important, everyone can appreciate the fun and nostalgia of hitting a game even if it’s the minor leagues. Baseball games are relaxed enough that it can give you ample time to sit and talk, and plus there is all the fun food and drinks to choose from.

Take a Hike

Of course this is the type of date that you will have to clear with her first, but taking a hike can be a good date option if you’re not super active. Taking a mellow walking trail can be even better than an intense one since it will give you more opportunities to talk. Better yet, bring a picnic along with you so you can spend some time chatting (and recovering) before you hike out.

See an Outdoor?Movie

The drive-in is always a good option if your town has one, but if not there are still probably plenty of options in the same theme. Many museums and restaurants host outdoor movie nights throughout the warmer months.

Go to the Fair

As soon as things start warming up the local fairs come out. You probably took your dates there in years of youth (or rather hoped to bump into your crush), so why keep it a thing of the past! Fairs are obviously a little cheesy but that’s part of what makes them fun and light hearted to visit as adults. Rides, food, and people watching makes for a busy evening.

Hit the Beach

The beach is a great date spot, both for spending time in the sun and also walking around at sunset. Either or both is sure to sound appealing to a girl who is really interested in you. Again, it’s another good spot to bring along a picnic and relax on a blanket. Very romantic.

See a Concert

Live music is really easy to come by in the warmer months, and more often than not it’s paired with food and drinks so you can really make an evening out of it. Check out local events in your city that host free live music events. Museums and parks commonly do it which makes for a very relaxed evening.


If you are already in a relationship or heading there, planning a camping trip can be a really fun date idea. If there’s a campsite within a day’s drive you can make it an overnight thing or a whole weekend. If you don’t have access to camping equipment or a desire to rough it, glamping sites are popping up all over where you bascially stay in anything from a teepee to a cabin and cut down on the effort aspect.

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Eliminate Your Inner
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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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