3 things to know about Tinder’s new group feature

Group chats now available in Australia

tinder killing romance

Last Wednesday in Australia, Tinder rolled out a group feature that allows users to turn their Tinder interactions into group chats with Facebook friends who are also Tinder users. Here are a few things to know about this latest feature:

1. Tinder isn’t promoting it as a group dating tool

According to an article in Breitbart:

In a blog post called “Introducing Tinder Social,” the company said the new feature it would be a way of “taking a night out to the next level.”

Tinder said that “it is a new product that we’re testing with a small group of users in Australia. It’s not group dating, it’s a fun new way to meet new people out with your friends. While this is just a test for now, we look forward to launching it globally soon.”

2. But no one’s really buying that

According to an article in Inquisitr:

Even though Tinder itself says its app is meant simply as a way to promote forming new friendships, even the most reputable of news sources agree that Tinder is generally thought of as a hookup enabler. It only stands to reason, then, that Tinder’s expansion that allows users to “form friendships” in larger groups is actually a way for users to hook up in larger groups.

3. There are some privacy concerns

According to an article in Mashable:

The feature has already been criticized for allowing someone to easily see an entire list of Facebook friends who are signed up to Tinder. So if you have used the app, you have automatically opted into Tinder Social. It’s particularly unpleasant for those that might currently be in a relationship and have accessed the app previously.

While that might be easily rectified with an app update, the likely awkwardness of a group Tinder date will unfortunately forever be singed into one’s mind, or remain a punch line.

Some reaction from social media

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