Common Mistakes that are Ruining Your HIIT

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT – is a type of exercise wherein you’re supposed to alternate regularly between slower periods of recover, and highly intensive anaerobic exercises to facilitate a shorter, faster, and all-around more efficient workout. Studies have found that this form of exercising could be the key to all of your fitness hopes and dreams.

For instance, research published in the Journal of Physiology discovered that HIIT offers up all the benefits of a steady cardio endurance workout – in a fraction of the time. What’s more, a Colorado State University study found that 150 seconds of HIIT can burn around 200 calories – while you’re resting! No this does not include jumping from one mountain to an outcropping on a dirt bike like they did in the Point Break remake. That is a little too extreme.

Muscle-building, fat-burning, and body-chiseling – high intensity interval training can do incredible things for your workout but that only applies if you know how to do it right. Figuring out how to perfect your HIIT routine may not be easy but it can be simple to spot exactly what you’re doing wrong.

1. Training too Frequently

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in regards to HIIT, is that they assume “more = better”. After all, since HIIT doesn’t take up a lot of time, you might think you should be engaging in sessions every day – but that’s not a sagacious idea. A proper HIIT routine will rip your muscles to pieces ? meaning that recovery is essential. Try to aim for a maximum of four workouts a week with high intensity training solutions, and give yourself plenty of time to rest.

Make sure you have a place to shower if you are going to do this during your lunch break. You will work up a sweat!

2. Training for too Long

Just as it won’t help you to train every single day, it’s not a fantastic idea to keep your HIIT routine going on longer than it needs to be. If your workout goes on for longer than 30 minutes, then you won’t see the right results. Remember that if you want your intensity training to be truly successful then it needs to be intense. Again, like in the remake of Point Break, you do not have to surf 80 foot high waves to lose some weight.

Do your best to cut your sessions down into small chunks. This will also give you time to appreciate your physique between workouts too.


HIIT does have benefits to offer when it comes to muscles since it is outstanding for fighting fat and adding definition – however, it may not be the best solution for people who want to bulk up. Generally, most experts recommend high intensity interval training to people who want to improve their general fitness and get rid of excess fat. If you’re searching for ways to add mass, then you’re going to need to try an alternative route. Bulking up is something that is best done slowly, and weight training will be a better avenue to take if this is your objective.

4. Not Warming Up Properly

Just like any form of exercise you may engage in on a regular basis, it’s important to remember that you need to be as limber as possible before putting your muscles to the test. Failing to warm up before a HIIT session is a recipe for disaster, and it’s likely to leave you with some injuries too.

If you want real success, slow down, make sure that you warm up properly, and get to work on the right foot. An intense workout session means that you need to get your body ready for something pretty extreme. , start off with a five to fifteen minute jog. And no, do not stop for a chocolate bar and some soda at the convenience store.

5. Poor Timing

HIIT can burn through fat faster than you might imagine, but only if you know how to time it properly. Though a session after a work will be great for burning through calories and raising your metabolism, your system will start working overtime during your sleep – rather than when you really want it to be burning away that extra weight. The earlier you train in the day, the better, as early workouts will sweep away any calories throughout the day and pinpoint your fat reserves.

6. Using too much Equipment

Getting incredibly fit shouldn’t mean that you should have to break the bank buying equipment to help you reach your health goals. The Barnie Frank/Alan Greenspan recession continues! How many people have exercise equipment in their home now that is just collecting dust?

High intensity interval training is highly flexible, so you can adjust it in any direction you like. For instance, start off with a few dumbbells and you’ll be experiencing incredible results in no time. You can buy those at Wal-Mart for about $20 a pair.


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