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The 9 Most Deadly Tinder Mistakes (Part 1)


By: Rob J.

9 Mistakes EVERY Guy Makes on Tinder

Tinder is modern dating?s equivalent to the 1849 Gold Rush, in which hundreds of thousands of ?forty-niners? flocked to California to see if the tales of ?quick and easy? fortune were true. Sadly, most never found what they were looking for, leaving as frustrated and broke as they came. Yet, a few ?lucky? men found the wealth and prosperity that was there for the taking.

With the Gold Rush it was all about?where?to look. On Tinder, it?s about?what?s??the look.? Don?t be fooled by the label: pictures and visuals are only a small part of this ?look.? The vibe that your profile and messages give off are infinitely more important.

Indeed, guys who enjoy rock-star dating success on Tinder project a vibe that excites women so much that they want more (i.e., they want to meet in real life, on a date). Most Tinder studs are regular guys?no different than you. Yet, these ?regular guys? know a secret?

?they know that what separates a Tinder hero from frustrated Tinder zeroes isn?t good looks or the gift of gab, or even a photo collection that shows off an elite lifestyle?

While that stuff certainly doesn?t hurt, most guys who crush Tinder rely on something much, much simpler. So simple it?s not even something they do. Instead, the secret to Tinder is knowing what NOT to do! Often MISTAKES kill a guys? chances for matches and dates.

Once you discover the most common, attraction-destroying Tinder mistakes, you?ll feel as if you?ve been given a treasure map, leading you to everything you hoped Tinder could be. Get your thumbs ready, because the 9 crippling Tinder mistakes below are good as gold.

Mistake #1: Your Pictures Don?t Tell a Story

If your Tinder pictures don?t tell a story, you?re not giving her a reason to be attracted to you. Without some kind of story, she?s going to assume you?re boring and move on.

The FIX:

You?re story should be simple, but reflect some attractive qualities about you and the lifestyle you lead. If you have pictures that show you?re compassionate, fun, active, or social, you?re going to be light years ahead of all the mirror selfie try-hards and headshot nerds.

Mistake #2: Your ?About Me? Reads like an Autobiographical Book Report (BORING!)

Your About Me section shouldn?t be more than one or two lines. Nobody wants to read a report about you?reports aren?t sexy.

The FIX:

Make it enticing. Give her a ?gray fact? that doesn?t reveal much about you, but makes her want to learn more. If I said, ?I won?t talk about that pic from Mexico unless I?ve had (at least) 2 shots of tequila,? wouldn?t you want to know more? Exactly, I prefer Jose Cuervo.

Mistake #3: You Suffer from TMI-itis

Giving her too much information has probably cost you too many girls (and you probably didn?t even realize it). If she already knows everything about you, what?s the point of going on a date?

The FIX:

Only give her enough to WANT more.

Mistake #4: Desperately Wants to Show He?s ?Different?

If you?re TELLING a girl how different you are from every other guy on Tinder, guess what? YOU?RE THE SAME AS EVERY OTHER GUY ON TINDER.

The FIX:

Letting your personality shine through your messages and pictures is the ONLY way to stand out and how a girl how unique you are. Be a welcome breath of fresh man and SHOW her you?re different, don?t tell her.

I’ll be ?back tomorrow with part 2.

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