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How To Win The Video Game That Is Your Life

Let?s face it, you?re probably not as successful as you think you should be. Either you?re not making the money you want, you don?t have the relationship(s) you want, or you don?t have the body you want.

Or maybe all of these things are true.

You?re definitely not alone.

The truth is that winning at the game of life is hard and very few people enter the top 1% of achievers who seem to accomplish everything they set out to accomplish.

So what?s going on here? How come you?re not where you want to be?

You might think it?s because achieving success in all areas of your life is just too hard or that you don?t have the time to do everything you want to do.

You might even think something is wrong with you.

Believe me, nothing is wrong with you. If fact, you most likely already have everything you need to become more successful than you ever imagined.

The problem, especially if you?re the type of guy interested in improving yourself, is that there is just too much information out there and this causes you to focus on the wrong things.

Let me explain?

Everyday when you log on to the Internet and check out your favorite blogs and social media sites, you?re bombarded with with tons of different tactics and ?hacks? that promise you a fat bank balance, a supermodel girlfriend, and ripped abs in a very short amount of time.

Now to be honest, A LOT of these tactics are very good. But the problem is that they are just that: tactics.

Unfortunately, the best tactics in the world won?t do you much good if they are not backed by a sound, all-encompassing strategy where all areas of your life work together to get you to where you want to go instead of fighting each other.

One of the best all-encompassing strategies for doing this is to treat your life like it?s a video game in which YOU are the hero. Here?s how:

Define Your Quest

Nearly every video game involves a hero who embarking on a specific quest, whether it?s saving the princess from the evil dragon, defeating the Nazis, taking over the world of organized crime, or destroying the Covenant.

As the hero of your video game, you need to define your quest as well. These means setting very specific goals for what you want your life to look like. And don?t just think about what you want your life to be like in a year from now, imagine what you?d like it be be like in 3 to 5 years from now. Then think about the sub-goals or milestones you?ll need to reach to get to your ultimate destination.

These sub-goals are the ?levels? you?ll need to conquer before you reach the end of your quest.

Keep Score

Nearly every video game has some kind of scores or benchmarks you need to hit to make sure you?re on track to get to the end. If you want to win at the game of life, then keeping score is a must. Experts say that ?what gets measured get improved.?

Now while it?s great to keep track of ?big? things like how much money you make or how many pounds you?re losing (if you?re trying to lose weight), keeping score is even more powerful when you do it on a daily basis.

For example, if you?re trying to save money or get out of debt there are many great apps like where you can track exactly what you?re spending your money on. In the fitness realm, apps like MyFitnessPal and the Fitbit trackers are doing wonders to get people in shape.

Productivity apps like RescueTime and Remember The Milk are guaranteed to make you more productive. There are many more great apps out there to track nearly anything else you can think of.

You don?t need to use technology to keep score either. In fact, I personally use a simple pencil and paper to track how many days in a row I do things like workout and wake up early. It does wonders because when I see all the check marks add up the last thing I want to do is end my streak.

It?s not important how you track. It?s just important THAT you track.

Slay Dragons

I was listening to a podcast recently when the host said something that really stuck with me. He said: ?Heroes slay dragons, they?re not slaying insects.?

With video games it?s very similar: things might be easy on on the first few levels but they progressively get more difficult. The ?bosses? at the end of each level get harder and harder to destroy. These games wouldn?t be much fun if beating every boss was a piece of cake would they?

In life, especially if we want to be high-achievers, we?re going to encounter ?dragons? all the time and we need to slay them. This includes things like that work project that seems ?impossible? to finish, winning the affection of that hard to get girl, or maybe losing those last 5 pounds before you get that elusive six pack.

You might even be faced with even more difficult dragons like losing your job, getting dumped or getting a serious injury. If you want to be the hero of the video game of your life you need to be aware that set-backs like these are inevitable and you have to be ready and willing to overcome them all times.

Embrace The Journey

Many video games have ?cheat codes? where you can simply skip to the very end and face the final boss.

What fun is that?

Not only do you miss out on the all the fun stuff in the game that came before, but you also won?t have the necessary skills to beat that final boss. It?s a complete lose-lose situation.

When played the way they are supposed to be played, video game are awesome because you?re having fun on the journey while simultaneously moving towards a future, worthwhile goal (beating the game). Life should be the same way, in addition to having worthwhile goals, we want to enjoy the the process and the journey it will take to achieve them.

Always Look To ?Level Up?

One of the things I always loved about video games was how my character would always evolve as the game progressed. As I reached higher and higher levels in the game my character would always gain new skills, powers and abilities.

You need to doing this same thing. You should always be looking to ?level up? different parts of your life.

Now you don?t need to level up every part of your life all at once. This is a recipe for failure. Instead, think about what milestone of your ultimate quest you?re on and focus mainly on the improvements you need to make to conquer that milestone. If you keep doing this, you?re guaranteed to reach your ultimate destination.

Getting better is something you?ll want to do consistently every single day.?? I?ve created a special Master Day Checklist that will show you my easy 5-Part Formula for making sure you?re leveling up every single day.

This is the same system world class athletes and millionaires use to become the best in their fields. Just click on the link below to download your Master Day Checklist now.

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About Ron Reich Ron Reich is a former lawyer turned entrepreneur whose mission is to help people master the game of life and accomplish their mostly deeply important goals. Download his Master Day Checklist today for his easy blueprint on how to do this.

Eliminate Your Inner
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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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