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The 8 Easiest Ways to receive better Sleep Tonight

These days, many of us consider a good night’s sleep to be one of those many luxuries we simply can’t afford. After all, once we’ve finished a long day at work, put together a healthy meal, tend to things around the home, pet the cat or dog or both, and committed to some exercise every day, there’s not enough time to softly drift off into slumber. Unfortunately, as busy as our lifestyles may be, we still need plenty of rest and sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The scientific evidence is simple, without sleep, you can’t build muscles (you won’t have the energy), you’re more likely to gain weight (snacking on sugary foods), and you’ll probably be more stressed out too (sleep keeps the grumpiness away). Sleep also keeps the pay raises, clients, and fantastic work away too since your brain is not going to be as sharp if it is demanding more sleep.

In the following, we’ll cover some of the easiest ways to ditch the knockout gas, and get a natural great night’s sleep.

1. Sex

Let’s face it, if we missed this off our list we’d be ignoring one of the best ways to really have a profound night. Doctors and psychologists alike agree that the best way to earn an amazing night’s sleep is to have sex ? particularly with someone you care about. The act is enough to help relax your muscles and make you feel better and happier. In other words, you’ll be too blissful to be kept awake by the stress of getting up early for work, or dealing with a colleague, supervisor that’s been bothering you, or worried about some clients who may be looking for greener pastuers.

2. Start Writing

If you’ve got a lot on your mind, and that’s contributing to a bad night’s sleep, then you might find it’s helpful to start writing down your concerns so that you can resolve to tackle them as early as possible. Making a note of the things that matter is a sagacious way to reassure yourself that you’re going to actually do something about the issue that’s keeping you awake.

Let the words flow. Do not hold anything back. No one is going to read this but you.

3. Sleep Solo

It’s not very romantic, but researchers at Reading University have discovered that motion from a partner in bed is likely to wake you up within about thirty seconds. On the other hand, people who sleep alone are more likely to experience a peaceful, longer night’s sleep. Sometimes, considering single beds doesn’t have to be a sign that your relationship is failing ? remember that they can always be pushed together! That could be sort of awkward though and time consuming and hard on the carpet and so on.

But if your partner likes to get up a lot or is bothering you at night, you may have to consider this.

4. Let off some Steam

If sex isn’t an option but you’re desperate to let off some steam, you might benefit for a quick run, jog, or walk after dinner. Sometimes, something as simple as a brisk walk later in the afternoon can be enough to start reducing the stress in your brain and preparing your body for sleep.

How about some basketball? Go over to the local park and play some hoop. Who cares if you do not know them or they are 15 to 25 years younger than you. You are there to get some exercise, blow off some steam, expunge that negative energy, and to engage in an activity with strangers. Bring a bottle of water and do this for about an hour. If you lose you lose, now are you focused on something else and you have lost calories and pushed your body physically.

5. Clear Out Your Lungs

If you really want an incredible night’s sleep, then stop smoking. Psychologists have found that smokers report about a third more problems with sleeping than non-smokers. The reasoning behind this is that nicotine acts as a stimulant, the effects of which generally peak at later times in the day. What’s more, if you smoke, you’re more likely to be kept awake by the symptoms of withdrawal that begin to occur in the later hours.

6. Don’t try so Hard

Panicking about the fact that you only have a few more hours to get to sleep before you’re exhausted for the entire workday isn’t going to help you drift off any easier. If you can’t sleep, simply relax and let yourself know that sleep will come when it’s ready. If you do have a rough day tomorrow already lined up or actually in a few hours, at least you can stop worrying that you should have slept better.

7. Warm Up

Don’t be against the idea of wearing socks to bed. Swiss researchers have found that men with warm feet and hands are often able to fall asleep in half of the time it takes for other people. The reason for this is that warm feet and hands cause enlarged blood vessels, which disperse heat and lower core temperatures. Your feet should certainly be warm in your bed or it will delay sleep as well.

8. Have a Drink

Alcohol isn’t going to help you get to sleep any easier – and if it does, your rest is likely to be disturbed. Instead, drink a cup of something hot and milky. These beverages include some of the building blocks associated with serotonin ? one of the natural hormones in the body for sleep.

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