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5 Reasons Why You need a Daily Dose of Vitamin D

While recent research has begun to suggest that sunbathers might live longer than people who spend their days hidden behind closed blinds, that’s not an excuse to simply go and catch some rays without any protection. As beneficial as the sun’s light can be – particularly as a source of vitamin D, UV radiation still comes with a serious risk of cancer.

Fortunately, if you want to get the vitamin D you need without risking the deadly exposure, you could always turn to supplements for your regular fix. The following are some of the reasons why you need to stick to a daily amount of vitamin D in your diet ? even if you don’t hit the sunbeds to get it.

1. Vitamin D Fortifies Your Frame


Looking for a simple way to get stronger that doesn’t involve piling on extra weight at the gym? Vitamin D could be the perfect solution. This incredible substance fortifies your bones by coating them in calcium, meaning that you’ll be less prone to fractures, and capable of greater feats of strength. According to research, a dose of around 2000IU (the IU stands for international units) should be enough to boost the hormone parathyroid, which regulates calcium levels and lowers your risk of injury when playing sports or working out.

This does not mean you will have bones that are as strong as Wolvervine?s bones and his bones are just like everyone elses accept his bones are covered in adamantium. So, no, you will not be able to do the things Wolverine does not take the blows that he can take and continue on moving. Do not forget, he has extreme healing abilities as well. Also, do not forget, Wolverine is a fictional character. This is real life.

2000IU is fantastic for your bones but it does not mean you will be able withstand the force of a 800 pound tree branch that falls on your head or shoulders from a 40 foot height. This does not mean you will be able to withstand a 50 mph motorcycle crash and come out perfectly unscathed. So still be careful with your actions and what type of tasks you take on.

2. You’ll get a Terrific Testosterone Boost

While extra testosterone can be a sagacious way to build your muscle-carving potential, while speeding fat loss and even boosting fertility in the bedroom, it’s best to avoid getting it from dodgy locker-room deals and unscrupulous sources. Fortunately, a dose of vitamin D could help you get the extra T you’ve been looking for.

According to research conducted by the University of Graz, levels of testosterone in men generally increase when they take vitamin D supplements over the course of a year. Combined with foods designed to boost testosterone, a healthy amount of vitamin D in your diet could do wonders for your manliness, making you stronger, slimmer, and better in bed.

3. Vitamin D Protects Your Heart

Heart disease is by far the biggest killer in the United States, and more people are falling victim to defective tickers almost on a daily basis.

While there are plenty of things that you can do to improve your heart health – from focusing on aerobic exercise at the gym to ensuring that you eat the right foods as often as possible, stepping up your vitamin D supplementation could give you a sunnier health outlook in no time. Research taken from Harvard University found that there’s a significant link between the consumption of vitamin D and a lower risk of heart related issues.

4. You’ll Lose Weight Faster

No matter how often you improve your diet plan or ramp your workout regimen up to the next level – keeping your weight loss levels ticking over at a steady trot can be a tough challenge. However, if you find that you’re not slimming down as quickly as you might like, adding a dose of the sunshine vitamin into your daily routine could make fat loss easier than ever.

According to studies conducted by a University in Minnesota, people with higher levels of vitamin D generally lose weight a lot faster. What’s more, the weight that people lose with vitamin D supplements is usually around their stomach ? one of the hardest places to burn fat. If your six-pack isn’t as streamlined as you’d like, try adding more vitamin D into your diet.

5. It Might Just Protect You from Cancer

While too much unexpected exposure to the sun can be the main source of issues like skin cancer – it’s not the vitamin D that’s to blame. In fact, extra vitamin D could lower your chances of suffering from this life-threatening disease in the first place. Cancer is one of the biggest threats in the world, but an extra dose of vitamin D could reduce your risks of crossing paths with the big C.

The Northwestern University found that a dose of around 600IU a day could cut down your risk of pancreatic cancer, while the San Diego California University found that vitamin D lowers your risk of colon cancer by about 50%.

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