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3 Steps to Escape the Friendzone (Turn the Tables)

Go From the Friendzone to the Endzone

There?s a lot of talk about things that land us in the friendzone, and hopefully we?ve already studied up on that so that we aren?t repeating our mistakes?

?Seriously look into that if you haven?t yet?

Basically certain things like not breaking the touch barrier, being too available, trying to hard, over focusing on her and things like that are all contributing factors.

Hopefully you haven?t yet reached the 9th gate of the friendzone where there is no hope of return?

BUT EVEN IF YOU HAVE these steps will still help you get more attention from her and get a girl?

?Even if it?s not her?

Which could be even better because the satisfaction of her wishing she had you after putting you in the friendzone now that you?re dating someone is pretty sweet!

Pay attention fellas


What Went Wrong?

Ok so at some point or another you have been way too available.

It?s only logical thinking that landed you here but the problem is that women are not always logical?

One would think that if they were nice to this girl?

Listened to this girl when she goes on about her problems and annoying coworkers?

Always made time to spend time with her when she hits you up?

Has a dick that said women would find pretty fuckin awesome?

That she would realize how much you truly care about her unlike most men in her life, the value you have to offer as her boyfriend, and perhaps consider you a possible romantic partner?ever?

Unfortunately, like I said?

Women are not always logical?

THE FACT IS that you probably are a great asset to her and would be an amazing partner for her?

The good news is you?ve already established yourself as an amazing friend which is a core pillar for a relationship?

Here?s How to Unfuck it! (and get out of the friend zone)

The first and most important thing you must do is?





It is super important that you go do something with other friends or people that is worthy of posting on social media?


Remember you?re not inviting her or taking her to these events so how is she going to know about all the amazing fun you are having without her?…

You can?t call her and tell her about it so just post about and tag as many mutual friends as possible so she?ll be sure to notice.

Go out to the bar without her and don?t even invite her?

Go to a concert or football game?and DON?T INVITE HER?

Go on a hike?

Or laser tag?

SOMETHING AWESOME that she will wish she came to?

?What this does is separates yourself from her and also makes you seem less available?

She used to just take your time for granted but now you are showing her that your time is valuable and awesome and if she wants some of it then she?ll have to come get some?


Escape the Friend Zone Step Numero Dos!

Get busy Brosiedon?

This is the perfect time to start working on you?

A common? mistake is guys focus on the girl they want way too much?

It ends up coming across to her like you have no life outside of her and so she doesn?t value you?

If you are busy then she is going to become interested because she sees that your time is longer free to her whenever she wants it?

EVEN BETTER if you started training something bad ass to keep you busy?

Something like boxing, kickboxing, body building, jujitsu, or something else that will improve your physique while also multiplying your ?Bad-assery?.


Do not completely cut her out of your life?

You still wanna answer her calls sometimes?

?Except when she starts ranting to you about her bitch coworker you cut her off an tell her you?re really sorry but you?ve gotta go and you?ll text her later because you?ve gotta go do some awesome shit?

?Or hey I?ve gotta run.? I?m meeting up with someone (for dinner, the boxing gym, etc).

Step Three (Thee most important step of all)

Make sure that while you are doing the things that don?t involve her you are doing them with other women?



When you are doing your own thing, improving your Bad-assery and having a blast without her she is going to become interested?

But when you add other women to the equation it skyrockets that interest?

Her mind starts wandering?

She?s wondering if you?re sleeping with these women?

If she has overlooked something in you that these other girls have seen?

She will possibly become jealous all because you did all those things and just added another woman to the mix?


You can o out with a group of friends and either use friends to meet girls while you are out?

Approach girls yourself while you?re out since you have this new found bad-assery working in your favor?

Or just have friends bring other female friends?

BUT MAKE SURE you document your fun times on social media and get the girls in the pictures.

If you do these things either she will begin showing you a different sort of attention that you wanted which you can now use as momentum to tell her that you want to be more than friends so take it or leave it?

Or you will end up creating opportunities for you to meet other possibly hotter and better women than her and you?ll literally forget why she had you so hung up in the first place.

Get out of the Friend Zone: Pro Tips

  • If she gets jealous and tries to get back at you for doing your own thing or hanging with other girls, DO NOT GIVE IN. This would just prove to her that she still has you.? If she comments about hanging with girls say something about how you?re keeping your options open and looking for the right one.? If she tries to draw you in just remember to stay busy.? You?re the one in charge of your time.
  • You can see who all has viewed your story on Instagram and snapchat so even if she doesn?t double tap or like it, you can still gauge if she is getting the message you?re sending on social media.
  • The truth is that if you?ve been too committed to a girl who isn?t committed to you, then you also haven?t been committed to yourself which is why she put you in the friendzone. SERIOUSLY use this busy time to build yourself into a better person.? Join a book club, train a combat sport, forward your career, build your business do what moves you that doesn?t involve her.? Putting yourself on the back burner for a girl who isn?t committed to you is the elevator to the friendzone.

Stay thirsty my friends,


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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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