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4 Signs That You’re About To Have An Affair

A one night stand, a brief fling, a night of wild, uninhibited, drink-fueled sex with a woman who is not your wife or girlfriend is one thing. Carrying on with another woman over a long period of time is quite another. The former may lead to the latter. But an affair is most likely to occur after a prolonged and subtle flirtation with a woman you know well.

It is easier than you think to get drawn into one. Whether you decide to cross the line of flirtation into actual sex is up to you, but you should not fool yourself into thinking it was something that ?just happened?.

There are always signs that you are about to have an affair. Here are 4 of them.

1. You fantasize constantly about her

Most of us masturbate to different girls we see every day. Even when you are doing the wife or girlfriend, you may conjure the image of various hotties in your office or the coffee shop girls you see each afternoon. There is no real danger here. It is typical male behavior.

However, if your mind wonders very little from one particular woman, and if she is someone with whom you speak and socialize regularly, you ought to take heed; for you are on the path to an affair.

2. You encourage her to speak about her dating life

It is hard to control your instincts and impulses when you around a woman you like. One minute you may be talking about work-related issues or what?s happening in the news; a few hours and many more drinks may lead you to ask about her dating life. If she responds to the question positively, it may become a regular topic of conversation.

How does that push you closer to having an affair? It associates you with sex in her mind. If she is a serial dater, if she never seems to find the right guy, it may be a sign that it is you that she desires; and she wants you to know that.

3. She suggests having dinner with you and your significant other

If a girl you know is really into you, meeting your partner may seem like the last thing she would want. However, there are good reasons for her to make this move. It is a way of inserting herself into the most intimate part of your life. It is a stroke of boldness. It is a way of pushing herself from the margins of your life to the very center of it. And besides, meeting your partner allows her to size up the competition: it gives her a means of finding out what she can give you that your partner can?t.

4. The two of you experience awkward moments of sexual tension

A succession of awkward moments filled with sexual tension is the most definitive sign that you are on the brink of having an affair. Those breaks in conversation that are bridged over with smiles; the partings in which the hug or cheek kiss lingers a bit too long; the accidental brush up that seems to be no accident at all?these are signs that there is something going on between the two of you. What you do about it must eventually be decided. But there should be no mistake as to what is happening: you are being drawn into having an affair with another woman.

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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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