Elite Apps Are The Future Of Online Dating

Regular online dating isn’t easy

Are you sick of being the golden needle in the online dating haystack?

The guy who has better prospects than his competition, but still gets ignored or ghosted by the hottest girls? Maybe you’re tired of matching with catfishes, sexbots and ‘basic bitches’.

Thankfully, these aren’t frustrations you are forced to deal with anymore.

A number of ‘elite’ dating apps have been created to help upper-class people find each other with ease. ??

Imagine tasting steak after a lifetime of being fed dog food. That’s how it feels being accepted for an elite dating app. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll struggle to go back.

How to solve all your online dating problems

The main struggle for male online daters is that they’re being drowned out by degenerates.

Even if your profile perfectly showcases your superiority, you still have to hope she sees your message among the hundreds she’s probably receiving.

Then, there’s still the nagging fears in her subconscious to overcome.

‘Is he really this cool? Maybe he’s a catfish. How do I know he’s not lying?’

Elite apps eliminate this problem by comprehensively screening every applicant using social media data. If you’re a nobody, you’re not getting in. By getting invited, you’re verified as a high-value guy.

You’ll only be chatting to high-value girls from now on, and they’re generally more receptive too. Not only because there’s less noise in her inbox, but also because you’ve already proved yourself as being worthy of her attention.

Which elite app works best?

I’d personally recommend The League. This app uses LinkedIn data to screen applicants and is available in 29 North American cities, as well as my hometown of London, England. Once you?re accepted, it?s like seeing into the online dating matrix.

The League has a ton of unique features that encourage its members to actually meet.

The lengthy waiting list does a great job of putting off people who aren’t serious about meeting someone (although you can pay to skip the screening process), while the limited number of daily prospects put off the validation junkies. Also, you’ll be booted out if you don’t log in often or consistently fail to respond to people. No wonder the app recently reported a 55% daily active user rate. ?

What?s more, the advanced filtering system ensures members can find exactly what they?re looking for. Basically, if you’re served up as a prospect to these doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc, the odds of matching and messaging with them are looking peachy.

Fauna Solomon, founder of The Dating Truth, is an advocate of the app.

She said: “The League doesn’t overwhelm you with options, which is quite nice. If you swipe right on all of your options, it could lead to getting a date quicker than on other apps and it’s less work on your part.

“It also hosts some cool events. It’s clearly looking to create offline opportunities for members to meet, which I believe is key to success when you claim to be elite.”

There are other apps which might cater to your level of eliteness even better.

Raya is aimed at ‘creative communities’ and has been dubbed ‘Celebrity Tinder’. It links with Instagram, so you?ll probably need a few thousands followers to be accepted. You can expect to encounter tons of ?Instagram models? and a fair few famous people if you’re let in.

Beautiful People is exactly what it sounds like. The ?leading online dating site for beautiful men and women?. The screening process involves existing members voting over your attractiveness. In 2015, it made the headlines by culling 3,000 members who gained weight over Christmas.

Tinder even has its own elite platform called Tinder Select. This is invite-only, but it’s unclear what the selection criteria involves beyond ‘being awesome at Tinder’ and possibly being super-rich.

The future of online dating

If you’re not lucky enough to have been categorised as awesome enough for Tinder Select, apply for another elite app today. It’s time your smartphone served you the women you deserve.

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