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7 Daring Dates to Blow Her Away

The 7 Most Daring Date Ideas to Impress Your Woman

Let?s face it; dating can be hard. First, you?ve got the challenge of keeping a girl interested in you, followed by making sure you don?t say something awkward in the first couple of dates. You?ve then got to think about if you have had a successful date, how to follow that up with something stronger.

It?s a lot of hassle and worry. When it comes to picking a fresh date idea, you can be left with yet more difficult questions. Do you choose a place with great food, fantastic views, quiet corners to talk to each other or fancy cocktails to sip on?

To take away any worry I?ve put together this list of the seven boldest date ideas you can take your date on to get her attention.

And no? Applebee?s didn?t make the list?

Indoor Skydiving

When it comes to getting your adrenaline flowing, skydiving can really take the top spot for most people. However, convincing your girlfriend of 3 days to jump out of a plane with you may, in fact, be the fastest way to landing back onto the list of newly single guys on Tinder.

To make the excitement of skydiving a little tamer, indoor skydiving is one of the latest trends to hit the nation. Offering the same thrill of plunging through the air without the fear of jumping out of a plane, you’ll be sure to have her talking about this date for weeks to come.

Cocktail ?Making Class

There’s only one thing better than getting drunk together on a date, and that’s making the drinks yourself. Cocktail making classes have risen in popularity in the last few years, primarily due to the increased number of hipsters preferring a trendy Jim Collins to regular draft beer.

Cocktail making classes are a fun way to get involved with your partner, the shaking up of cocktails (usually involving spilt?liquor) can lead to some laughter and fun, and the best part is you get to drink your creations at the end of it.

If you enjoy regular drinks out but want to add something a little different, this may be right up your street.

Cooking Class

Following on with the theme of classes, taking part in a group cooking class can be a great way to both learn some new cooking skills in the kitchen and to have a really interactive date with your partner. You can opt for learning foreign food styles such as a Thai cooking class or taking part in an Italian cooking school or decide on more western alternatives.

There are even some cooking classes that focus on the more elegant things in life, like cooking with wine. Those guys sure know how to prioritize the important stuff.

Themed Yoga

Ahh namaste, yoga is one of the most popular exercise classes taken in America with 20.4 million Americans practising the ancient tradition. One of the latest trends cropping up in big cities, however, is to take a themed yoga class.

Praised for their creativity by many, especially in places like New York City you can practice things like Doga, themed yoga where you bring your pooch along to join in the fun. There are the more male popular forms of yoga including beer yoga, where you introduce the art of beer drinking along with your exercise.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you have co-ed naked yoga, where everybody takes to the mats with nothing but their birthday suits. Prepare for lots of comfortable people getting into the flow of their poses, baring all to see for the world.

Hiking Your Local Mountain

Many Americans spend a fortune on dating, if it’s not dinner or cocktails it’s going out to some elaborate venue and we seem to think the value of our affection is measured in dollars. The truth is, time and company are the two biggest assets to a strong relationship.

Spending an afternoon or day going into the great outdoors for a hike can be an incredible bonding experience for both you and your partner. Not only do you get to spend quality time together, you also manage to fit in some exercise at the same time.

If you want to bootstrap this date idea to make it a little more interesting, bring along a packed lunch and sneak in a bottle of wine or a few beers for a nice romantic, top of the mountain moment with your significant other.

Go to a Morning Rave

For those who love to party, yet want to mix it up a bit, you can now find throughout the states, early morning party’s cropping up all over the place. Trade out your poached eggs and avocado on toast for glow sticks and rave shades and hit the clubs at 8am.

With a variety of options from silent discos to drum & bass events all the way through to Kpop, you are sure to find something to suit your other half’s fancy. When you’re finished, it’s the perfect time to grab some brunch and enjoy the rest of your day.

Winery Tour

If the thought of dancing around like a maniac at 8am doesn’t take your fancy and you prefer the more relaxed lifestyle, take to wine country and get involved in a wine tasting event. With everything from cheese boards to intricate and delicious wines available all throughout the country, it can be an enjoyable event to not only sample the wines but also to see the process in how many wines are made.

Just remember, you’re supposed to spit out the wine after tasting, swallowing may lead to a heavy head the next day.

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