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How To Make Her More Sexually Adventurous

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Unleashing her inner freak

Do not be fooled by the appearance of wholesomeness and conventionality in the girl you?re dating. She may possess all the qualities that you like: she is pretty, sexy, funny, intelligent, and pleasant to hang out with. She is also good in bed?that is, she is up for sex regularly and gives you a great deal of pleasure when the two of you are at it. But things may be starting to get stale in that department. The two of you have settled into a routine, and things are not as hot and heavy as they were when you first got together.

Getting to this stage in a relationship always causes a man?s mind to wander. Your thoughts may have started drifting toward scenarios that involve your girl in the most extreme kinds of sex acts.

You should not assume that she is not up for what you have in mind. In fact, you may have been missing out all along. Her inner freak may be lying dormant, in hibernation, just below the surface, and it is up to you to unleash it.

She may have been playing it safe so as not to make you uncomfortable or disgusted. She may have turn-ons that she doesn?t know about or is unwilling to admit. Here are a few tips to tap into these passions, to make her more sexually adventurous:

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You must find her fetish

Everyone has a fetish, some particular and peculiar thing that excites them. It is your job to find hers. Your sweet, innocent-looking, middle-class girly girl may secretly want you to talk dirty to her?to call her the filthiest names you can think of when the two of you are having sex. Has she ever let out an especially intense sigh when you accidentally grabbed or smacked her ass? She may be into. Perhaps role-playing is her thing. Cuckolding, threesomes, anal, lezing out, sex toys?any one of these may be the thing that she secretly desires; the thing that will drive her wild with passion.

Don?t rush into anything new

She must feel safe and valued. That really is the key to making her more sexually adventurous. Even if her kinky little desire involves being dominated, she must still feel as though she is in control. Before you decide to spring something new on her you should get a sense that she is up for it. You don?t need to hold a formal meeting. Give hints and suggestions about something you?d like to try. But be ready for a shy or hesitant acceptance. This doesn?t mean she doesn?t want to do it; it only means she may be unsure of herself.

Make her feel sexy

Every guy has been told endlessly of the need to tell their girls how attractive they are. If you want to unleash her inner freak, you have to go much further than this. You have to make it seem like you are in constant heat for her. And you have to get specific about the bits of her body that you like most. Showing and telling with intensity will make her feel supremely confident about her body. And the more confident she is about her body the more likely she will let you do whatever you want to it. She will also become less inhibited about acting on her fetishes?she will become the sexual adventurous of your dreams.

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