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Changing Your Appearance to Attract More Women

Tips to Improve Your Look and Appearance and Be Attractive to More Women

They say women are fickle. Each woman has certain things she is attracted to. Some like beards, while others like clean shaven. Some like long hair, while others prefer a shorter cut. The list goes on and on. The truth is, women are no different than men in this regard, it simply boils down to preferences. I like blondes over brunettes, but that doesn?t mean I won?t give a lovely brunette a shot.

No man can please every woman when it comes to their individual wants. However, you can appeal to most women if you focus on a well-maintained and well-rounded approach to your appearance. It doesn?t boil down to the specifics of a beard or not. To be attractive to most women, your first impression is going to accomplish more than anything else. Making yourself attractive and appealing the first time she sees you is going to determine how far you get with her.

Some of these tips will require that you invest a bit of time and effort. As they say, Rome wasn?t built in a day. But, the investment you make in your appearance is going to pay off, so don?t be afraid of change.

Grooming for Better Appearance

I don?t care what anyone says, the disheveled, skater-boy look is only going to attract a small group of women. Looking like you haven?t touched a razor recently or had a haircut in years is a very 90s move. Women prefer a clean-cut gentleman. Notice I didn?t say clean-shaven, I said clean-cut. Clean-cut refers to overall grooming. Here are some key points to focus on.

  • Hair ? get it cut. Look for a current cut that accents your face. If you have longer hair, make sure it is trimmed and styled for best effect. Primarily, shorter hair is preferred by women, as it gives a sense of power and control. And don?t be afraid to invest in some gel or pomade. Even short hair should look managed, and hair product will keep it looking good.
  • Facial hair ? ALL facial hair should be trimmed. Eyebrows (there should be two), nose hairs, ear hair and beard/mustache. Women are going to be looking at your face a lot. It is this crucial bit of grooming that says a lot about you. If you have a beard, keep it trimmed and up off the neck. Avoid beard/mustache trims that make you look like Satan or Ming the Merciless (look it up if the reference is too dated). When you get a haircut, ask your stylist to trim your eyebrows and ear hair (don?t worry, it goes with the haircut, but most men don?t ask for it).
  • Body hair ? if you have a lot of hair somewhere (back, stomach, groin), consider having it waxed or at least shave it into some semblance of control. ?Hairy? guys only appeal to a certain group of women. Some will overlook it if your game is strong, but you want to tame anything unruly. For your groin, clean it up. Shave the undercarriage and trim the topsail. Not only will it minimize the ?musky? odor you can get, but it also improves the appearance of size when things are cleaned up down there.
  • Skin and breath ? dry skin and bad breath can put women off. Wash your face and skin with an exfoliating loofa and after showering/shaving, use a moisturizing cream or lotion. This is a tough one for some men to adopt, but there is nothing better than the touch of a woman you just met who is admiring your baby-soft skin. Brush and floss your teeth as well and make sure you have any breath issues taken care of. On that note, for better smelling body odor (we all have it and deodorant only does so much), eat more garlic in your diet. While you want to have it off your breath before talking and kissing, having garlic in your system will enhance body odor.

Tailoring Your Appearance

The long-standing rule is that ?the clothes make the man.? This rule is still an absolute. Women judge a man by his clothes. It isn?t about the cost, it?s about how they are worn. Wrinkled, unkempt, baggy clothes tell a woman that you don?t pay attention to the details. Women are detail-intensive creatures. The little things make all the difference.

When it comes to clothes, a few tweaks can have you looking just right for a strong first impression.

  • Laundry ? just do it. Wash em, dry em and fold or hang em. The last step is the most important because men can get lazy when it?s time to dress. Ironing on the fly is harder than just accepting a few wrinkles. So, just do it. Also, hang shirts as much as possible. It?s a great wrinkle killer if you have the closet space.
  • Fit ? buy clothes that ?cut? your frame. Women are more attracted to an A-frame male. Look for shirts that cut in towards the waste. Wear pants (loosely fitted, NOT skinny, correct waist size) with a belt (even if the shirt is untucked!) and consider tucking your shirt in, to better accent the A-frame. If you are a larger guy, wear looser shirts that accent shoulders while minimizing torso. For reference, look at a tux or suit. They are normally tailored to give the A-frame; both upper and lower accent the frame.
  • Color ? when meeting a woman for the first time, color says everything. First off, if you have gotten her favorite color in conversation, work that in. Otherwise, target specific colors that trigger response. Red is a color that evokes control, aggression, and dominance. Used wisely, red can trigger equally aggressive responses from women. Purple triggers desire and passion, especially the deep, richness of a royal purple. Green triggers feelings of tranquility and comfort; look for shades that accent your skin tone but avoid bland greens, like mushroom, if possible. Look for colors/shades that work well with your eyes.

When it comes to clothing, dress smart. Make this a daily thing, not just for picking up women. Dressing well will have you meeting women without trying, trust me. Don?t be afraid to rock a bow-tie or suspender ?business? look. The response is amazing.

Final Note About Your Personality Appearance

Getting your personal appearance in order is fine, but what about your personality appearance? It?s the second ?first? impression you are going to make.

  • Be happy ? women like men who smile (too much is creepy). Talk about happy things and keep the mood ?smiley.?
  • Be funny ? practice your wit and keep the mood light-hearted. Insert a little humorous innuendo into the conversation. Keep her smiling.
  • Be dominant ? present self-control and directness. Make eye contact and create a ?transfer? state whereby you control the mood.
  • Be a gentleman ? open doors, seat her first, be polite, watch your language, don?t be typical.

Everything I am telling you will help you set the tone for how you want women to see you. You don?t have to be a GQ model. You need to show that you give a shit about how you look and present yourself. Nothing is better for confidence than walking out the door knowing women are going to like what they see.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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