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How To Express Sexual Interest For a Woman

Understanding the Right Sexual Mindset and Approach with Women (that won?t make them run away)

In today?s society, being a male is challenging. We are seeing a rise in radical feminism, accusations of sexual misconduct and overall male ?piggery.? Male stereotypes are making a strong comeback, and it is having an impact on how men approach women.

More importantly, it is affecting how we approach sex and expressing that interest with women. Don?t get me wrong, it isn?t like sex is off the table. It is simply that how we approach sexual situations is facing obstacles.

I am not a novice when it comes to women. I have dated and screwed my way through a very healthy ?little black book? of women. I am by no means as active as I once was, but I still observe, catalog and evolve my approach.

While men may pat me on the back for my conquests, it is this very thing that potentially fuels women to label me as a womanizer. But, I am not ? maybe a bit in my early days ? because one thing that sets me apart is where my mind is at; it is always about mutual pleasure between equals.

That is what I want to explain here and help men understand. I want all of you to understand women and what it takes to express sexual interest in the right way. So, bear with a little education about the fairer gender, then I will give you some great tips to help you make your interest known.

What Is a Woman and What Makes Them Tick

Okay, not going to go into a bunch of science journal references and statistical bullshit that you don?t want to hear. Just going to put down some truths and hope you pick them up.

Point 1: Humans are animals, whether male or female. We are all instinctually driven by primitive, base needs and desires. As a species, we share commonalities with every animal species out there.

Point 2: Inherently, men are dominant, or Alpha and women are submissive, or beta ? Hunters vs. Gatherers. As a species, these are our genetic, gender roles. Not my rules; blame it on hormones. Not all men act as Alphas, but it is part of them.

Point 3: Men and women love sex. Yep, both genders love it, a lot. We are driven by an instinctual need to procreate, and that means sex. Plus, we are one of the few species that have sex for pleasure. Apparently, our evolved brains have something to do with this.

Okay, there you have it. The basic understanding of women and men. Sounds pretty good when wrapped up like that, right?

Sadly, it isn?t that easy. As I mentioned, there is an evolved brain in play. Women, like men, are ?brainwashed? by society, imperfect morality, stereotypes and peer/gender pressure.

If you have ever heard ?I?m an independent woman; I don?t need a man for anything,? then you have an example of how a woman?s perspective can be shaped.

Just don?t buy into this mindset. If you do, then you will create your own obstacles with women. You will ?fear? striking up a sexual conversation or even flirting sexually.

Your mindset and approach need to evolve into and revolve around one thing: Women are just as important and equal when it comes to dating, relationships and, above all else, sex.

How Do You Let A Woman Know You Have Sex in Mind?

Honestly, based on that ?brainwashed? point I made, most women are assuming you have sex in mind from the first hello. And, they aren?t wrong are they?

However, the real key to expressing that interest is about NOT being blatant about it. We aren?t cavepeople any longer. You can?t see a woman bend over and just walk over and stick your dick in. Those days are gone.3

Understand that there are plenty of women out there looking for sex. When you meet a woman who is ?looking to get laid,? ? bitchy women call them sluts ? of course, you can be quite open about your sexual interest. You can?t be a douchebag or jerk about it ? have some self-respect ? but, the table is set already.

Now, when it comes to every other woman out there, what you say and do is important. And that means getting it through your head that while all women are inherently the same, they are all vastly different in their thinking. What they think creates their reality, and expressing sexual interest must play to this aspect.

What an intelligent woman does not want, is to know you are after sex. Remember, this is usually an assumption on their part already. This means you must generate interest through your conversation and action.

Showing sexual interest in a woman starts immediately with eye contact.

How you look at a woman can convey everything. Now, this doesn?t mean ogle or stare, thus creeping the shit out of her.

Looking at a woman sexually means you are looking into her, not at her. You need to impart ?heat/intensity? with your gaze. Again, don?t be creepy! It is subtle, like you are hungry but only admiring the dish you hope to eat.

Also, your attitude and words speak volumes.

Men in a good mood, who smile, laugh and are funny, turn women on sexually. This means keep your head in the game. If you had a bad day or week, don?t think your shitty attitude is going to get you laid, by any woman ? girlfriend, wife or hookup.

Use that good attitude when you talk to her. One of the biggest tools in your bag should be wordplay ? innuendo, double entendre, euphemism. Using humor and wordplay together is the most overt, yet subtle, way to express sexual interest.

Just remember, it is about delivery. Look at these two phrases and see if you spot the difference:

You look very pretty tonight.

It is hard (microsecond pause) to take my eyes off of you.

Brains are hardwired to take in information and catalog it, but what we hear also causes subconscious, physical/chemical responses. ?It is hard? from that second example creates a reaction that she won?t be aware of if delivered properly.

So, you speak sexually in this way. NOT CONSTANTLY! Make it part of your ?woman speak? by practicing so it is natural, just don?t go with an ?always on? approach in the real world.

I will impart a line I have used many times with women to get a great laugh, yet also get sexual thoughts in their head. Also, it is great for diffusing any ?men are pigs? attitude. Generally, this would be said in the early stages of meeting, to set the ?humorous guy? tone.

?So (insert woman?s name here), how is your (w)hole (one-second pause is critical!)?family doing??

Say what you want about corny or lame; I don?t give a shit. That line has gotten me more laughs, and subsequently, more action than anything else I whip out.

Timing and delivery are key. You are just asking a simple question about this woman?s family. You are interested in her. Do not laugh, deliver it seriously and make sure the pause is ?natural.? Then, smile when she ?gets? the joke, and actually ask a bit about her family.

Later, when you are having sex, you can let go of the innuendo and get down to some dirty talk!

Okay, to wrap this up: expressing sexual interest is always on. It is in the way you look at a woman, how you talk to her and how you act towards her. She is an equal; as an animal, a human and a sexual partner. Treat her like one, then be funny and sexy in your attitude and approach.

Sow your seed of sexual interest and penetrate her defenses. She will open up once you strip down her barriers. Stroke her ego lightly, but consistently, until her desire for you is rock hard.

(yeah, you see what I did there).

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