What To Do When A Girl Rejects You But Still Wants To Be Friends

Being ‘friend-zoned’ doesn’t have to be embarrassing

Yes, you can (and should) stay friends with women who reject your romantic advances.

There’s a lot of negativity and ridicule surrounding the concept of a guy being ‘friend-zoned’ by a girl.

However, if that guy is smart, he can use his female friends to get laid more than he already was.

Below are some key steps to help you become that smart guy.

Why would a woman ‘friendzone’ you?

There are two main types of guy who become friend-zoned. The first is the classic ‘nice guy’, who isn’t comfortable flirting with women he’s just met. The type of guy who only makes a move when a woman shows clear signs she’s into him, or after a long time of being in her orbit?.

Sadly, by this time, he’s already been categorized as a ‘friend’ as he’s taken too long to show the masculinity needed to be considered a sexual partner. This stereotype is widely roasted in romantic comedies, internet memes and in real life. Rightly so, as this beta-male behavior is pathetic.

The second is the bloke who was quicker to make his intentions clear, but perhaps did so in a socially-awkward situation for the woman.

  • Maybe she’s surrounded by people and doesn’t want to be seen as promiscuous, so uses the ‘friend’ disclaimer to justify sharing her details.
  • Perhaps she’s in some sort of informal relationship, so again uses the ‘friend’ excuse to justify keeping in touch with you.
    In some situations, she’ll throw in the F word as a shit test?to see how confident you are.
  • If you’re looking to ‘escape the friendzone’ with a certain woman (or at least have her recommend her friends to you), you’re far better off being in the second guy’s situation.

The ‘nice guy’ doesn’t deserve to be dating anyone, until he grows some balls and learns to flirt with authenticity.

Exchanging contact details

When exchanging contact details with an attractive woman, it’s important to make it clear that you’re doing so with romantic intentions.

If the woman does throw the ‘f’ word at you, feel free to agree to these terms. That’s fine, as long as you’re communicating you’re going to be the type of friend who flirts outrageously with her. This doesn’t necessarily need to be verbalized. The best players emanate this vibe.

When male ‘friends’ flirt shamelessly (yet respectfully), women love it. It’s only when the ‘nice guy’ unleashes his nervous, needy ‘flirting disguised as friendship’ that women become creeped out.

Regardless of whether you’ve been a ‘nice guy’ or a massive flirt, it’s a smart move to add her on social media as well as exchanging phone numbers. There are many reasons to do this, but the main one is so this woman can see whether you’re date-worthy. Ideally, you’re posting stories and images of you enjoying hobbies, attending cool events, hanging out with other women and generally living a life she’d want to be part of. Once she’s witnessed all this, she’ll be more likely to attend whatever event you invite her to in the future.

Inviting her out

Feel free to invite this woman to a group event or to hang out solo. These tips on texting will help you get her out.

Whatever route you choose, keep up the playful flirting. That’s the only chance you’ve got of making this relationship romantic one day.

The longer you keep up this ‘nice guy’ facade, the more likely she’ll keep you in the friend zone forever.

Why the friend-zone is actually amazing

If she’s hellbent on staying friends with you, it’s not the end of the world.

In fact, it could get you laid far more in the long run.

Having a female friend who brings her friends to you is like fishing with a net, instead of a rod.

Women prefer to date men who have been social proofed?by their friends. It brings them a sense of security and it’s common for them to hook up with these guys much quicker. With this in mind, a true player might be better off being ‘friend-zoned’ by certain women rather than dating them.

So, invite your new female friend to parties, take a ton of Instagram pictures with her, make sure she brings her mates and try your luck with them instead.

All of a sudden, the friend zone won’t seem as embarrassing.

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