Do Looks Matter For A Woman?

Ugly guys can date beautiful women

This post is aimed at guys who think they can?t attract beautiful women because of their looks.

Maybe you?ve been getting tons of rejections, and you?re guessing it?s purely because of your appearance.

Perhaps you?re assuming women won?t want to date someone who looks like you, so you don?t even try to make any romantic movies.

The truth is: looks do matter a bit, but nowhere near as much as what most men believe.

You can date beautiful women no matter what hand you were dealt in the genetic lottery.

Why society is obsessed with good looks?

The media are constantly drilling on the fact that looks matter. Advertisers are trying to sell clothes, fragrances, grooming products, fitness products. Good-looking people are used to sell these.

The media obsesses over what celebrities look like as much what they?re achieving. The best-looking celebrities get the most media coverage and invariably rise to the top

It?s constantly forced down our throats that we need products to make us better looking. It?s nigh-on impossible to not be at all affected by this social conditioning.

As such, most of us society gives status to good-looking people. We heap praise on good-looking people from early childhood onwards.

There are biological reasons why we?re attracted to better-looking people too. Biologically, we see physically attractive people as healthy partners who can help us have healthy children.

When you consider this, it becomes clearer why you spot women talking about ?hot guys? all the time.

However, that doesn?t mean there?s no hope for the less conventionally attractive male… ?

Logic vs emotion

When women fawn over ?hot guys’, that?s the logical side of her brain speaking. Logically, she?s attracted to the status of dating a good-looking man. She likes the idea of her boyfriend being nice to look at. She sees the tall, strong man as someone who can protect her better.

When she?s sat in some non-emotionally stimulating environment with a logical mindset, she?ll swipe left on every dude who?s not her ?type.? She?ll swoon over Hollywood celebrities. She?ll write ?no short guys? on her Tinder profile… ?

But here?s the kicker for ?ugly? guys…

Women experience emotional attraction far more powerfully than logical attraction. In fact, she?ll often disregard all logic if you can learn to stimulate her emotions properly. ?

In the same way men can completely disregard a woman?s horrible personality if she?s hot enough, women will do the same to your with your physical flaws.

But only if you can tickle her emotions in the right way.

This means making her laugh. Making her chase. Encouraging her to be emotionally free. ?Building sexual tension.

Ever heard that you?re not her ?normal type? but there?s ?something about you.? If you?re a non-conventionally handsome man who has learned these skills, you almost definitely have.

These guys have what we call ?good game?. ?

The ‘something about you’ could also include logically attractive traits, such as confidence, a strong masculine energy, a fun social circle, wealth, leadership skills and a grounded personality. These appeal to her biological desire for a man that can take care of her and her family. ????

More often than not, ugly guys with these good prospects and good game can blow good-looking guys without these things out the water… ?

So, why do good-looking guys seem to get all the best women?

These logical and biological advantages to choosing good-looking guys do still have a strong pull…

Just as you may be occasionally attracted to the Plain Jane with the fun personality, women will sometimes choose the handsome beta-male.

However, a bigger reason is that good-looking guys find it easier to develop good game.

When you?ve had praise heaped on you for your whole life, it?s much easier to approach a woman with confidence, to flirt and be emotionally free, to play hard to get so she chases you?

Many conventionally good-looking guys can do this naturally, because they?ve never had negative feedback harming their confidence.

Why do I get blown out instantly?

It?s easy to believe that your instant blowouts are based purely on your physical flaws. Maybe you believe you didn?t get a chance to show her your personality.

However, sub-communications are far more powerful than most people realize.

If you approach a woman believing you?re beneath her, this will instantly show in your body language and voice tonality. It?s almost impossible to hide.

Women pick up on these nuances more naturally than men. It?s this strong connection with her emotions that makes her dismiss you so quickly.

Of course, there could be other reasons. Maybe she?s in a bad mood. Perhaps she?s put up a shield due to so many idiots hitting on her. Maybe she has an aggressive ex-boyfriend in the venue.

And yes, there are some superficial women so obsessed with their social status that they won?t be seen even talking to someone who isn?t their ?type?. It?s impossible to be attractive to every woman. ??

Still, in most cases, it?s your approach, not your appearance, causing these instant blowouts. ?

You can improve your looks

Most men can make themselves look better than the average dude by getting in shape and improving their fashion.

There are so many reasons to do this, regardless of your stance on the ?looks don?t matter? debate.

If you?re fit and dress well, you?ll feel better in your body. High self-esteem is one of the most attractive traits of all?

Ironically though, most guys who whine about their looks are too lazy to eat well, go to the gym or work on their game.

This ?my looks hold me back? victim mentality validates their laziness. Frankly, these people don?t deserve beautiful women in their lives.

Don?t be one of these guys…

Whether you?re black, white, tall, short, young, old, bald or hairy, you can attract beautiful women into your life.

The recipe is simple.

Lift weights. Improve your image. Fix your nutrition. Work on your game.

Before long, you?ll be that unstoppable catch with decent looks and incredible game.

For the full story of how I realized good game trumps good looks, check out my book The Thrill Of The Chase

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