Don’t Eat Wings On A Date and Other Common Sense Dating Tips

I’ve gotten a bunch of really dumb (for lack of a better word) emails recently, so I decided to give you 5 common sense dating tips that you should already know but probably don’t,

1. Don’t eat chicken wings on or before a date. Wings are delicious but grimy and get all over everything. The same idea extends to onions and garlic laden foods as well. Gum can only cover up so much.

2. Don’t stand by the women’s bathroom and grab girls as they walk in or out. Major creeper alert here, plus the girl has to pee, if I had to pee Kate Moss could be trying to blow me and I’m still just trying to get in that bathroom.

3. Don’t game girls that are too drunk. This should be obvious if you’re not a sexual predator. But this is actually a legal issue, as you should look up your state’s laws of consent since in certain states being intoxicated means a woman can’t actually legally consent to sex, making your hook up that you bragged about (or took video of to try to recruit more bootcamp students) rape. It’s pathetic that I have to say this, but clearly as evidenced by instructors taking videos of these situations it needs to be said.

4. Don’t point to your dick and ask girls if they want to “get on this” on the dance floor. Seriously that happened to my friend Sofia last weekend. No one is more of a fan of sexualizing your game than me, but there is a time and place to go sexual and it’s not the first second you start talking to a girl.

5. Don’t constantly ask the girl if she’s “ok” or “having fun”. This is the call of the nice guy who isn’t going to ever get his phone calls returned, if the girl is not ok or having fun she’ll say something. In the meantime maybe you should focus on making her have fun as opposed to asking her if she is.

Basics I know but if you read my email you would see that it’s necessary advice.

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