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What Is The Easiest Way To Meet Women?

How to get a girlfriend quickly

Are you looking to build a satisfying sex life as quickly as possible?

Perhaps you like the idea of dating multiple women or finding a special partner, but your time is currently filled with other priorities. ?

If you?re running a business, mastering a hobby – or even if you?re just some regular lazy guy – you?d probably love to know the most time-effective way to attract women.

The answer is: it depends.

Some guys will find it easiest to create an online dating account. Others will have more success meeting women in bars or clubs. Maybe you?re more suited to meeting women during the daytime or through a social circle. ??

It all depends on the person.

Once you discover your most effective method of meeting women, you can attract them into your life without wasting too much time.

The four most common methods of meeting women are reviewed below. This should give you an idea of the method most likely to suit you.

If you want hot women in your life without putting in too much effort, read on.

Online dating

Online dating lets you arrange dates without leaving the house.

While there was a huge stigma attached to online dating less than a decade ago, there are now millions of women using it.

What?s more, these apps are typically regarded as the most time-effective method of meeting women.

Create an account, swipe on the hotties, send some witty texts and invite them over.

Sounds simple, right?

If you?re physically attractive and upload some great photos, it really is that easy. ?

However, the average Joe may struggle to get a text back.

The truth is: the hottest women are overwhelmed with matches. They don?t have the time nor the motivation to message everyone, so they pick the cream of the crop.

Online dating is heavily image-based. There?s no opportunity to show off your true personality, which is the main reason why handsome dudes will get the most replies

There are clever tricks to boost the amount of matches you get, but average-looking guys are typically left to battle over undesirable women.

Even if you do match with a cutie, there?s no guarantee she?s not a catfish, sexbot, time-wasting validation junkie or fatter than her pictures suggest?

Bars and clubs

A key advantage to bars and clubs is there?s a ton of gorgeous women in the same venue. What?s more, many of them are open to meeting a man and maybe even having a one-night stand.

The disadvantages are the obstacles preventing you from having a one-on-one conversation with them. Loud music. Other guys hitting on her. Overprotective friends.

If you?re someone who enjoys night clubs and has the energy to compete with these obstacles, these might be your most time-effective option for meeting women. ?

If you don?t have these traits, it?s going to be tough to have fun and that?ll make it difficult to come across as a cool attractive guy. ?


On the surface, daygame might appear to be the least time-effective.

Even in the most densely-packed daytime venues, it?s not uncommon for it to take 10 minutes to find a beautiful woman.

Here?s the kicker?

Once you know how to meet women during the daytime, you?re chances of creating a great connection are high?

There?s no competition for her attention.

No loud music. No other dudes trying to chat her up. In many cases, there are no overprotective friends nearby either. What?s more, you stand out for being so bold. Most guys are too overwhelmed with approach anxiety to even consider flirting with a woman during the day.

The major disadvantage is that women tend to be busy during the day. A lot of women won?t be able to stop and chat for a long time. Same-day lays are extremely rare. In most cases, you?ll need to swap phone numbers and arrange to see her some other time. However, if you left a decent impression on her, you should be more likely to get a text back than the random Tinder match or some dude she met at the club.

If you?re someone without the looks to dominate Tinder or the energy to pull from a crowded nightclub, daygame might be for you. ?

Best of all, once you?ve reached a level of mastery, there?s no need to wander the streets looking for women. You can just approach as you go about your daily errands. At this point, it becomes extremely time-effective.

Social circle ?

A lot of average men will meet a partner through their social circle.

Women like to date a man they met through peers, because they trust their friend?s recommendations. It?s a lot safer for them to date someone who has been signed off by a trusted friend, rather than a stranger who could well turn out be a dangerous creep. ?

The thing is: most men aren?t proactive about meeting a partner through friends. Instead, they tend to wait for an opportunity to present itself. This requires zero effort, but these opportunities will be scarce. ?

However, if you?re proactive about building a social circle, you create the chance to meet a lot more women. The basic idea is to make a ton of friends, host fun events and tell your buddies to bring females along to them.

Because you?re a friend of a friend, you can expect these women to be far less guarded when meeting you.

What?s more, being the so-called ?leader? of this social circle will often give you incredible status in her eyes. This is one of the biggest attraction triggers.

If you?re someone who is great at making friends and enjoys organising events, this might be the most effective way for meet women. ?

Building a great friendship circle from scratch takes a lot of effort, but the social proof you?ll get from this will make it easy to convert to turn the women you meet from it into lovers.

A lot of this publication?s readers see seduction as a hobby, and are therefore interested in trying to succeed at all four of these methods. This is certainly possible, as the basic principles of attraction apply with all of them.

However, if you as a means to an end, the most effective you can do is master the method that suits you best. ?

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