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5 Tragic Reasons Why Most Men Suck With Women

Why most men can?t get girls

If you were single and absolutely irresistible to women, how many would you want to sleep with in a year? ?

A silly hypothetical question perhaps, but most of you probably picked a figure far higher than seven. ??

After all, the desire to sleep around is ingrained in a male?s DNA.

So, why is it that the average male sleeps with just seven women in his entire lifetime?

Monogamy plays a role, but the main reason is the complete inadequacy of the average man to seduce the opposite sex.

What?s more, most dudes are clueless about the actual reasons why they?re not getting laid.

If you?re an Average Joe on course to sleep with seven women or less before kicking the bucket, take a look at the list below.

It contains five common reasons why most men can?t get girls.

1. The belief that looks or money are necessary to attract women

As a man, you primarily experience attraction visually.

Advertisers are constantly suggesting you need to look good or display wealth in order to attract women.

As such, if you’re not good-looking or rich, you may not have the confidence to approach women at all. You might believe that you weren’t destined to sleep around or have a hot girlfriend?

But that?s complete nonsense.

Women may be logically attracted to looks and money. However, they experience emotional attraction far more powerfully than logical attraction. In fact, she?ll often disregard all logic if you can learn to stimulate her emotions properly.

This blog is packed with tips on how to trigger emotional attraction. If you can learn this, women will often disregard all logic to chase your affection. ???

Sadly, most men never do learn. Instead, they remain convinced that looks and money are necessary to attract women. ?

2. Most men are too scared to make a move

Most men are terrified of romantic rejection.

Many will remain too shy to EVER approach a woman, because this fear is so strong.

Others will only make a move in situations where they’re relatively “safe” from embarrassment.

These include:

  • when they’re drunk or high at parties;
  • online;
  • after being friends for a long time;
  • when a woman gives them clear and blatant signs of interest.

The first two scenarios puts most guys at a massive disadvantage, due to the amount of other dudes competing for the same women. In the final two scenarios, they have to sit and wait for something to happen.

Even in these ?safe? situations, men typically do a terrible job of making a move. They either half-step it, put on a massive front or run away as soon it stops going well. This is all due to fear of rejection or feeling like they’re not good enough.

3. “Nice guy” syndrome

The media teaches us that the best way to get women is to obsess over her, treat her like a princess and be really nice at all times.

In most romantic comedies, the male protagonist does this and somehow gets the girl of his dreams.

  • Ted from “How I Met Your Mother”
  • Ross from “FRIENDS”
  • Hugh Grant in every film he’s ever starred in.

Most guys see this and decide it’s best to text their crush every day, do favors, buy flowers, leave thirsty comments on her social media etc.

In reality, these types of “nice guys” really do finish last.

Women want men they have to chase. Guys who obsess over them like this just come across as creepy.

4. Relying on online dating

There appears to be a widespread societal belief that online dating has made it easier than ever to get a girlfriend.

However, this is rarely true for the Average Joe. Many struggle to even get a text back.

Online dating doesn’t give men the chance to fully put their personality across. It’s therefore heavily image-based. If you’re not traditionally handsome, it?s common that you’ll struggle.

The truth is: even extremely plain-looking women are bombarded with messages on these platforms. As such, they often only allow themselves time to speak to the best-looking matches.

5. Women’s standards are going up

In the past, ?Average Joe? had a pretty good chance of hooking up with ?Plain Jane? from the office.

Jane would want to sleep with someone, so Joe would only have to be better than the other dudes in her social circle who wanted her.

Fast forward to 2019, and Jane is now being overwhelmed with thirsty Tinder and Instagram comments.

Every high-value guy in the city has the means to message her, meaning Joe now has to compete with all these guys if he wants some action. ?

It’s commonly cited that the top 20% of men in society sleep with the top 80% of women. As online dating and social media takes over society, this could shrink to the top 5% of men (if it hasn’t already).

All hope isn’t lost…

That final point might terrify you, but all hope isn?t lost. After all, it remains true that most men are ?nice guys? who are scared to approach her.

Simply by learning to approach in a confident and fun manner, you?ll be able to impress the hottest women, because most dudes can?t even do this.

Master this skill and you can be the guy who gets all the girls, while everyone else fights for scraps.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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