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How To Make Her Miss You

Twist the parameters so that she?s begging to meet up with you

We?ve all experienced text conversations in desperate need of emergency resuscitation.

The threads where women used to reply excitedly to every message, but now drop one-word answers more than a day later.

You hit her with your funniest ?ping? texts, yet her enthusiasm still mirrors a sloth in winter.

At this point, you might think it?s best to put the freezers on all communications. No texts. No Pokemon memes. No comments on her social media thirst traps. It?s a classic card to play when women go cold on you, but few men play it properly.

Your theory is that the cold shoulder will inspire her to reinitiate the conversation. After all, it?s well-known for humans to ?want what we can?t have?.

But it doesn?t work?

She doesn?t reinitiate. You ultimately send another ?hey stranger? message, which also gets ignored.

Absence didn?t make the heart grow fonder. It just made her forget you.

So, what gives?

How come some guys can drive women crazy with desire by going cold on them, while you only drive yourself crazy waiting for her text?

The truth is: your bait is missing some vital ingredients.

Below, we explore three crucial elements that actually reignite her interest.

#1 She needs to have cared in the first place

If she never cared about spending time with you, she?s not going to miss you when you?re gone.

If you matched on Tinder, but never met up, it?s going to be on nigh-on impossible to make her miss you. If you had one forgettable first date, it?s the same. Even if you had wild sex, without really getting to know each other, it?ll be a struggle. ??

Because she never really cared.

The key is to have built an emotional connection during the time you spent with her. Tell her unique stories about your life and encourage her to share hers.

#2 You need to provide what no other guys can

If she?s a beautiful woman, she?s never going to be short of guys sending lovely messages, taking her out on fancy dates, buying her presents or wanting to have sex with her.

If that?s all you?re bringing to the table, you?ll always be replaceable.

Instead, you need to provide what no other guys can.

This isn?t as difficult as it sounds. ?

There are plenty of unique aspects of your personality that you can show off. There are also many behaviors which most guys never show around beautiful women.

A strong emotional connection

No two emotional connections are the same. There will always be something unique about your bond. If you can build a strong connection, this will do a lot to make her miss you.

A unique sense of humor

There?s no need to sugar-coat what you find funny. Your dorky sense of humour could be exactly what tickles her funny bone too. ?

Teasing and goofing around

Treat her like she?s a normal woman, not a goddess. Beautiful women get sick of guys putting them on a pedestal, because it happens to them all the time. ?

Your friends and family

If she?s important to you, introduce your peers. Include her in your friendship group?s lifestyle. It?s much easier to miss a group of people and the activities you used to do together than it is to miss one person.

Great sex

Girls love sex just as much as men, although there?s a catch. They love great sex.

It?s not always easy for them to find this. Most guys don?t know how to give it to them properly. ??

She needs to find someone with the stamina to fuck her well and the nous to push her buttons physically, but also someone who she feels comfortable enough to submit to. ?

Its rarer than you think.

While she could sleep with a ton of guys until she finds another stallion, there are lots of reasons she won?t want to be promiscuous. Sleeping with lots of new guys damages her social status and potentially her safety. She?d rather not go through loads of unsatisfying sex on the way to finding her perfect match.

As such, if you can fuck her well and give her multiple orgasms, it?s the easiest way to have her addicted to you.

#3 Go live and awesome life and share it on social media.

If she?s retained any shred of curiosity about you, she?ll check your social media to see how you?re doing.

When she does, she should see images and videos of you living an awesome life, ideally with hotter women by your side.

This is how she sees that you?re doing great without her. It?s usually only here that jealousy and the desire to ?want what she can?t have? kick in.

Most beautiful women are fully immersed in a culture where all awesome activities are shared on social media. If you?re not sharing it, she?ll often assume your life sucks without her…

(NOTE: Living an awesome life, trying new activities and meeting loads of new women is the easiest way to stop caring whether she misses you or not. Your goal should be to give her the cold shoulder accidentally, because you have so much other cool things going on. Having said that, women have a interesting knack of from emerging the dead just as you stopped caring, especially if you have a good social media profile)

The bottom line

There are tons of small things you can potentially do to make someone miss you. Create in-jokes. Have unique hobbies that always you do together. Arrange breathtaking moments she?ll never forget. Yet, none of this is necessary – and neither is this cold shoulder technique that men always seem to use as a last resort

If you: ?

  • made her care in the first place;
  • gave her things no man could;
  • show off your awesome life on social media…

…there?s little else you?ll need to make her want to spend more time with you.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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