How To Meet Girls In College

Meeting girls in college is slightly different to cold-approaching strangers

When you’re meeting girls on campus, most principles of good game still apply.

However, there are a couple of key tweaks you should make to your approach.

These tweaks are based on the fact you’re likely to encounter the same women time and again.

For this reason, it’s often better to play the “long game” of adding girls to your social circle, then having them recommend you to their friends.

Using social circle game in college

Direct cold approaches can be extremely effective in most scenarios, but in college there’s a risk of social repercussions.

If you creep a woman out for whatever reason (and it happens to the best of us), there’s a very real danger that you bump into her again. Perhaps she warns her friends about you. Maybe her friends warn their friends. Before long, you’ve developed a reputation as the creepy “pick-up guy”.

Not good.

But let’s now imagine you approached the same woman and asked for directions. As the conversation continues, you remain fun, friendly and unthreatening. Then, you invite her to some awesome party at the weekend. Regardless of whether she turns up to the party, she may well be excited to see you again, especially if you use the strategy detailed below.

In this case, she may happily introduce you to her friends. Now, instead of having to cold-approach hotties on campus, you’re being recommended to them.

How to develop ongoing friendships with college girls

Meeting girls in college isn’t hard. There will be loads of parties, as well as events and groups for you to join. In most cases, there will be women in your lectures too.

The real question is: how can you create ongoing friendships with these girls?

If you both attend the same events or classes, this is as simple as making regular conversation, being friendly and actually giving a damn about what she has to say.

From there, invite her to some group event and the friendship will grow organically.

However, if your schedules don’t match at all, you may need to offer some extra value. Something that other random guys on campus can’t give her.

Maybe you’re helping to organize exclusive parties. Perhaps you know a photographer that’s looking for models to shoot for free. If you don’t have anything valuable to offer, get to work on creating this.

Parties, drinking and Instagram photos are mentioned as examples here, as this is all the stereotypical college girl cares about, but it could be anything. The cooler the event is, the more likely that girls will want to be part of it.

If organizing awesome events sounds like too much effort, that’s fair enough. By all means, set up a weekly group trip to Pizza Hut or invite girls to other people’s parties. But don’t be surprised if most of them have better things to do or cooler people to hang out with…

As with anything else, hard work reaps the rewards.

Your college ‘social circle game’ strategy

Your first step is to befriend 4-5 beautiful women. Be funny, confident, cool, interesting and a good listener. Essentially, you’ll run your normal game on them without flirting or being polarizing. You can more than five women if you wish, but you want to get laid at some point, right?

Either way, these women will all be strictly off-limits for romantic relationships. You friend-zone them. However, it’s still important that they’re beautiful, because this means they’ll be more likely to have hot friends. That’s just how the world works, especially for teenagers and young adults.

You invite these 4-5 women to your awesome event – and tell them to bring their friends. You can bet their friends will be excited to meet you. Hooking up with them should be as easy as picking your favorite sweets from a candy shop.

Don’t forget to add of photos and videos of the event to your social media profile. This will make it way easier to entice more women along next time.

The power of social circle game

This strategy should also be applied in the workplace, at the gym or anywhere else where you’re likely to see the same over and over.

It’s risky to be too direct with women in these environments, especially in the era of #MeToo. If you develop a reputation as a creepy pick-up artist, it could become very awkward. You could even be fired or expelled. So, stop seeing the women you meet in these places as potential conquests. Befriend them instead. It can produce far more simple conquests in the long-term.

This isn’t to say you can’t meet college girls by approaching directly. There will be plenty of parties where you can hook up with some hottie you’d never met before.

Still, it really is worth repeating how powerful social circle game can be.

The truth is: most women would prefer to date a guy who has been vetted by her friends. In this situation, it’s safer for her and she’s less likely to be endanger her social reputation.

In fact, if she starts dating the guy who everyone on campus thinks is awesome, her status could skyrocket. There’s little more important to a college girl than that.

As such, it really is worth putting in the effort to set this strategy up. There’s a bit of work on the front end, but in time you’ll have all the women on campus fighting for your attention.


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