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Advertising on TSB

TSB Magazine offers a variety of ways partners can advertise with us.

  • Banner placement ads
  • Product reviews
  • Newsletter placement
  • Affiliate (strict guidelines below)
  • Customized campaigns feature multiple avenues

Affiliate Promotions

TSB Magazine gets requests from dozens of marketers every day, requesting that we promote their product as an affiliate.

If you are interested in having TSB Magazine promote your product as an affiliate please read our guidelines below.

Partnership Guidelines

  • We are VERY selective about what types of products we market as an affiliate.  We must be provided a review copy/sample before we will even consider it.  And we must truly believe that it will serve our readers.
  • Our banner rotation is NOT open to new affiliates.  If you plan on contacting us to request we include your banner in our rotation, you are probably wasting your time.  Our banner spots are reserved for partners who have consistently proven that their products convert to our audience.
  • However, if you are interested in purchasing a banner on our site at a CPC, CPM, or flat rate, we would be open to speak further.
  • The best way to partner with TSB is to provide high quality editorial content to our readers.  We accept guest submission, so long as they follow the guidelines.  In your guest submission you are given a bio, and allowed a link with a ‘call to action.’  We usually do not allow links within the post itself.  But with affiliate partners, we take this on a case to case basis.

Product Reviews

Interacting with TSB Magazine takes more than display ads. Our reader wants to see how your product works, test it for themselves or read a detailed review.

Remember, our editorial is never sold. We review products that we honestly think match the needs of our readers.  (Because of the high volume of requests to review dating products, we are currently very selective in the dating/pickup/relationship advice products we will review)

We are also open to running contests, as long as you are providing a relevant prize for our readers to win.

If you have a product that you think would be a good fit to be reviewed or featured in a TSB article please contact:

Customize Campaigns

That’s why our site design allows advertisers to customize each and every campaign. You can choose from almost an infinite number of sizes, options and target groups. We recognize that you might be moving fast, so we can implement your campaign quickly and efficiently.

We have found that the best campaigns involve a mixture of editorials, placement ads, contests, and newsletter blasts.  These sort of packages range from $500-$5000 depending on your exact needs and wants.

Please contact [email protected] for specific requests and to broker partnerships.


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