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    Is The Hot Shy Girl Interested? How To Read The Signs

    img Posted December 2, 2016

    We men like to think of women as mysterious beings. It is certainly the case that most of the time they are able to mystify, mislead, and misdirect us. However, the bamboozling pow ...


    4 Ideas For A High Culture Christmas

    img Posted December 1, 2016

    Every Christmas it?s the same damn thing. You buy presents for loved ones, get drunk at office parties, and drink loads of eggnog and hot chocolate. The routine is simple and basic ...


    The Perfect Girl—Separating The Myth From The Reality

    img Posted November 25, 2016

    You met by accident. Your coming together was not the result of any kind of design. There was an immediate spark when the two of you first spoke to one another. You got a light-hea ...


    An Atheist’s Guide To Surviving Thanksgiving

    img Posted November 23, 2016

    I am sure that many of you are looking forward to Thanksgiving with a mixed feeling of anticipation and dread. On the one hand, the long weekend brings with it time with family and ...


    How To Spot A Fake News Story

    img Posted November 18, 2016

    The rise and proliferation of fake news stories has been much discussed lately. Some claim the wild and reckless distribution of baseless stories about Hillary Clinton swung the el ...


    Are you a natural leader?

    img Posted November 17, 2016

    The question is one that will no doubt haunt you if you have recently been trust into a position of leadership. You have worked hard, and your talent and dedication has finally bee ...


    How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

    img Posted November 11, 2016

    The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a heroic figure in our society. He comes up with an idea, gathers a team, finds investors, takes risks, and builds a small business into a larg ...


    What Not To Do If You Were With Her

    img Posted November 10, 2016

    The last twenty-four hours have been extraordinary. Against nearly every poll in the known universe the Republican nominee prevailed. Everyone, even many in his party, was shocked ...


    Why Having A Strong Ego Is Good

    img Posted November 4, 2016

    This will hopefully be the last article in which I will have reason to mention Donald Trump. One of the many issues his rise to political prominence brings into the fore is the mal ...


    How To Keep Calm And Carry On After The Election

    img Posted November 3, 2016

    Election Day is next Tuesday. Campaign 2016 is drawing to a close. And I for one am relieved. This has been the angriest, bitterest, most outrageous contest since 2004. It bests th ...

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