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    Awesome Men Throughout History: Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup

    img Posted August 7, 2013

    A fair amount of TSB’s Awesome Men Throughout History were underappreciated or underpaid in their lifetimes, but this week’s entry—legendary blues musician Arthur “ ...


    The Self-Made Man: Greg Ginn

    img Posted August 1, 2013

    TSB understands that risk is an important element of successful entrepreneurship. Whether it’s financial risk, personal risk, or some combination thereof, practically every s ...


    Awesome Men Throughout History: Larry Doyle

    img Posted July 31, 2013

    I’m almost hesitant to write about this week’s Awesome Man Throughout History—writer and humorist Larry Doyle—because I get the feeling that he would be just fine w ...


    The Self-Made Man: A Bunch of Wisdom

    img Posted July 25, 2013

    We profile a lot of successful individuals here at TSB, but this week I thought I’d take a different approach and compile the business/life advice that helped some self-made ...


    Awesome Men Throughout History: Sam Porcello

    img Posted July 23, 2013

    I recently had a conversation about junk food with a friend of mine, who proclaimed that whoever invented the Oreo cookie was “a genius” because they are basically the perfect ...


    The Self-Made Man: Chris Gethard

    img Posted July 11, 2013

    A lot of the Self Made Men we’ve talked about lately had plans to start their own businesses right from the get-go. They are people with natural gifts towards programming, de ...


    Awesome Men Throughout History: Goodloe Byron

    img Posted July 9, 2013

    It’s always a pleasure to write up people I know, so this week’s edition of Awesome Men Throughout History is a special one. Goodloe Byron is someone I’ve known f ...


    The Self-Made Man: Gary Solomon, Jr.

    img Posted July 4, 2013

    Let’s take a break from the tech sector this week to talk about, uh, tech. A different kind of tech, though. Theatre tech and stage production are an entirely different beast ...


    Awesome Men Throughout History: Louis L’Amour

    img Posted July 2, 2013

    I’ve been playing through Red Dead Redemption over the past week (what? I’m a sucker for sandbox games), and the experience has reminded me how much I love westerns. An ...


    The Self-Made Man: Mike Morhaime

    img Posted June 27, 2013

    There have to be some World of Warcraft players in TSB’s readership, right? I mean, just by the law of averages, there should be a few. At the very least, some of you are old ...

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