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    What to Do When Women Test You

    img Posted September 12, 2006

    Below is a David DeAngelo article on women testing you.?This shit is so true. This article only gives some insight?into how and why they test you, but it is a good starting?poi ...


    How To Evict Your Inner Wussy

    img Posted August 26, 2006

    While I highly recommend David D\'s book Double Your Dating, his newsletter never really carry a profound new message. But they are good to read every once in awhile to remind you ...


    How to Have Good Conversation on a Date

    img Posted August 5, 2006

    Below is from an email I recieved from David DeAngelo. It is a good article on the subject of conversing on a date. Good Conversations for a Date by David DeAngelo There are ...


    How to Get Physical With Women

    img Posted April 21, 2006

    How to get physical with women by David Deangelo MOST MEN ARE DEATHLY AFRAID... Most men don\'t know the FIRST THING about how to take things to a \"physical\" level with a w ...


    Fast Way to Get a Woman’s Number and Email

    img Posted April 12, 2006

    Here is a David DeAngelo artice about approaching and once again preaches David\'s perfectly accurate philosophies on the attitude you should take when dealing with women. A great ...


    How to Avoid Being Rejected by Women

    img Posted February 28, 2006

    Here is a good article by David Deangelo, author of the famous ebook \"Double Your Dating\" Avoiding Rejection from women Most men HATE the idea of \"rejection\". I\'m not ...

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