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    3 Unorthodox Exercises To Eliminate Achilles Pain

    img Posted June 22, 2015

    How To Cure Achilles Pain Achilles pain is a common injury amongst runners which can take weeks to heal if not treated properly. The Achilles is a large tendon which connects the t ...


    The Devastating Benefits Of Weight Lifting Chains

    img Posted June 13, 2015

    Benefits Of Weight Lifting Chains In general, most gyms have similar equipment and not a great deal in terms of variation. Obviously, you may get more depending on your membership ...


    7 Foods To Avoid Like The Plague

    img Posted June 12, 2015

    Life can be so mean sometimes. Why is it that the best tasting foods out there are usually the worst in terms of fat and calories? Whilst indulging in fast food every now and then ...


    10 Reasons Why You Should Lift Heavy

    img Posted June 11, 2015

    Lifting heavy weights is still widely recognised as the most effective way to achieve fitness goals. However, many people don?t aim high enough and embrace heavy training as they s ...


    Supersets Versus Exhaustion Sets

    img Posted June 10, 2015

    One of the hardest things for a person to do, who has been lifting weights for a decent amount of time, is to think up new ways of continually pushing their body and keeping their ...


    Why You Should Never Skip A Monday Workout

    img Posted June 9, 2015

    If you?ve had a lazy weekend spent on the sofa, then getting pumped up for a Monday workout is going to be tricky. This sleepy mode carries on throughout the day at work, as you tr ...


    3 Reasons To Look After Your Shoulders

    img Posted June 8, 2015

    Having minor aches and pains in your shoulders is a common problem everyone suffers with at some point in their lives. However, if you?re really struggling, your shoulders are tell ...


    7 Huge Benefits Of Push-Ups

    img Posted June 6, 2015

    Health Benefits Of Push-Ups The thought of doing push-ups may bring up bad memories of old gym classes at school, but it remains one of the most effective exercises out there. A st ...


    Bench Press – Wide Or Narrow Grip?

    img Posted June 5, 2015

    Wide Or Narrow Grip On Bench Press Bench press remains one of the most popular and efficient ways to build chest muscle. There are a number of variations to this exercise including ...


    10 Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Teeth

    img Posted June 4, 2015

    Having a great smile is one of our best assets, so it?s important that we do all we can to protect our teeth. Most of us already know that things like smoking, poor dental hygiene ...

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