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    Why You Shouldn’t Hook Up At the Club

    img Posted August 5, 2013

    It’s where you go to pick up, but it’s not where you should do the deed. It makes you look desperate The main reason why you should consider keeping it in your pants until you ...


    How to Dress Like a Rapper

    img Posted August 2, 2013

    Since Run-D.M.C. declared their love for Adidas, rap music and fashion have been bizarrely (and lucratively) intertwined. Every generation has their own style icons who are known f ...


    Is She Embarrassed to Be With You?

    img Posted July 29, 2013

    Something is a little off in your relationship, but you’re not quite sure what it is. Is she ashamed to be with you? There are some warning signs that are too easy to miss until ...


    Can Men Wear Earrings?

    img Posted July 26, 2013

    You won’t be asked to show your metro-sexual membership card when you go to get your ears pierced. Earrings are a conservative and subtle way to build on your sense of style. One ...


    When She Says She Loves You Too Soon

    img Posted July 22, 2013

    Everything is going well with the girl you’re casually seeing, but she thinks it’s going even better. She confesses that she loves you, before you feel the same. What should yo ...


    Boat Shoes Guide

    img Posted July 19, 2013

    Boat shoes were first designed to be worn on deck- but they’ve since walked on in to men’s everyday style. The perfect casual spring/summer shoe, they should be one of the stap ...


    Five Assumptions You Make About Women in Nightclubs

    img Posted July 15, 2013

    You’ve gone out so you can pick up, but not everyone else is there for the same reason. While you shouldn’t be discouraged from trying to get with women you meet at nightclubs- ...


    How You’re Secretly Sabotaging Your Own Style

    img Posted July 12, 2013

    You know good style from bad, yet these rookie mistakes show that you’ve never really learnt how to dress. When you’re first starting to experiment with fashion and developing ...


    Five Annoying Things You Do On Food Dates

    img Posted July 8, 2013

    They’re not deal breakers, but they’re irritating. You might be guilty of these five behaviors which make her think that you would be an incredibly annoying person to be in a r ...


    How to Wear a Turtleneck

    img Posted July 5, 2013

    Unleash your inner reptile and rug up in a turtleneck. It’s not a trend; it’s a timeless look. There are few rules when it comes to turtlenecks- they’re the perfect base piec ...

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