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    Must-Read: How To Cook Out Carefully

    Cookouts are great. They are truly one of the best parts of the summer season. What isn\'t so great, however, are when you end up getting sick in the days that follow because someo ...


    Must-Read: The Manliest Soundtrack Around

    Music not only helps sooth the savage beast, but it also makes things that much better. If something is happening that is great, and there\'s music on during it that perfectly fits ...


    Must-Read: Clear Your Fridge of These Bad Foods

    Food is unique. It\'s one of the only things that we literally need to survive, but also we need to watch out because SO much of it is bad for us that we need to be able to separat ...


    Awesome Men Throughout History: Andrew Lersten

    If you\'re into weird music like I am, the Internet might as well be your best friend. Even the most unlistenable, experimental noise/music projects have some kind of web presence: ...


    Must-Read: Sex Toys From Home

    Ever walk into a sex shop? It\'s a weird experience. There\'s a lot going on in there, and a lot of those things that are going on are things that go inside of someone else\'s body ...


    Must-Read: How to Flirt Better

    Flirting is tough. You want to make sure that you get on out there and get yourself noticed by the ladies, but you also want to make sure that you\'re not one of those pushy asshol ...

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