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    Science Says You Should Sleep In

    img Posted September 10, 2015

    We’ve all at some point endured the dreadful 6 a.m. start. Some of us seem to be better at rising early than others, some of us can’t get out of bed until midday, I ...


    6 Healthy Habits That You Might Be Overdoing

    img Posted September 7, 2015

    You can always have too much of a good thing. We all try to make the best decisions and choices to improve upon our quality of life, most often these choices require willpower, we ...


    9 Weird Things Dehydration Does to Your Body

    img Posted August 31, 2015

    Many have told us of the crucial importance of water intake. We roll our eyes when we’re reminded of how many glasses we should drink each day, brushing it off as though it&# ...


    How to Choose the Right Fitness Program for You

    img Posted August 27, 2015

    It’s safe to assume that we’re all fairly different, and we all have different goals and aspirations. When we start talking about fitness, it’s not right to lump ...


    7 Ways to Train Your Brain With Science

    img Posted August 24, 2015

    As human understanding stretches itself into every nook and cranny of life, there remains two broad, interesting, yet still relatively little understood frontiers: Space, and the b ...


    How To Live To 100: The Health Determinants

    img Posted August 20, 2015

    People are living longer. It wasn’t that long ago — at least in evolutionary terms — that we would’t have expected to see the other side of 40 years old, n ...


    This Is Your Brain On Sleep

    img Posted August 17, 2015

    Scientists have been trying to figure out sleep for quite some time. Just what are the benefits and why do they exist? Why is it that people can’t stay awake all the time and ...


    4 Keys to Beating the Plateau

    img Posted August 13, 2015

    We all want to get better, to improve, and be the best we can be. It doesn’t so much matter at what — it could be strength, cardio, math, or another language — th ...


    5 Strategies to Help You Sleep Your Way to Success

    img Posted August 10, 2015

    It seems that everyone today is obsessed with productivity and busyness. Nobody enjoys being idle, doing nothing, it’s a waste of time. That thought is not entirely accurate, ...


    The Neuroscience Of Meditation, And The Virtues Of Shutting Up

    img Posted August 6, 2015

    There are two words that are gaining a lot of steam, yet both are doing so in totally different areas. Meditation is making its way into many lives, a form of mental exercise that ...

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