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By: Bobby Rio

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Most Common Dating Questions Answered (by a Woman)

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How to Get More Dates ?(And Attract More Girls)

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If you want to be successful at meeting, dating, and sleeping with more women then you should really become familiar some dating tips that make you more attractive to women. Our site is full of these tips and on this page I want to explain some of the best ways to succeed at dating.

There are certain things you need to learn if you want to become more successful in the dating world. These things include:

  1. How to improve your self-confidence and appearance
  2. How to flirt with women
  3. How to connect with a woman
  4. How to get a woman to chase you
  5. Master Attractive Text Messaging
  6. How to please a woman sexually in the bedroom

These are the 5 key areas you need to work on if you want to meet a high quality girlfriend.

If you don’t know how to do any of these then you are going to continually struggle in the dating world. However, luckily these things are not as hard to fix as you might think. In fact, the dating tips I am going to provide in this article will solve these issues for you.

1: How to Be More Self Confident Around Women

Do you know what the #1 trait that nearly all women find massively attractive is? Self confidence. Women are drawn to men who project a confident vibe. Unfortunately many guys become insecure, needy, or nervous around girls and this immediately hurts their chances of attracting her.

In The Player’s Paradigm there are 7 mindset shifts that we recommend in order to “think” differently around women. That is the first step. Thinking differently. Confidence comes from the way you think and the experiences you have.

2: Learn How to Flirt and Talk to Girls

In the free report on this page you are going to learn a skill that is one of the most crucial skills to attract a woman. You need to learn how to flirt if you want to get a woman to become attracted to you. I consider flirting social lubrication. It allows a date to go smoothly, and gives you the opportunity to build up sexual tension.

Some of the important things to learn when it comes to flirting is how to tease a woman.? Teasing and being playful is the nature of flirting. Most guys who ask for dating advice fail to realize just how important flirting is.

3: How to Connect with a Woman

In this article I share with you one of the things I learned that took me from having boring, mundane, and sexless dates to having fun, flirtatious dates that allowed me to create connection and physical attraction with a woman.

One thing that I want to emphasize is that the first few minutes of a date are very important.?This is where you set the tone of the date. There is a saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is completely true in the world of dating advice. You absolutely must quickly convey to a woman that you are the type of guy that she could imagine feeling a connection with.

4: Learn to Get a Woman Chasing You

One of the big mistakes men make in with their dating life is that they give their hand a way too soon. Women like a man who is a bit of a challenge. Yet, the minute most men feel something towards a woman they immediately want to tell her exactly how they feel.

This is a big mistake. It is such a big mistake because women are attracted to a man who is a challenge. A woman wants a man who is a mystery and is a little hard to figure out. So when you immediately tell a woman how you feel and let her know that she has you, it begins to diminish the attraction that she feels towards you.


5: How to Send Attractive Text Messages

If you’ve been in the dating world you probably already realize how much your ability to get girls out on a dates and keep a connection going relies on your text messaging skills. Texting is the number one form of communication right now between guys and girls. And if you don’t know how to keep a girl interested over text, you’re going to have a lot of trouble getting her out on a date.

There are several fundamental concepts that you need to understand in regards to texting. The first, and most important is that you need to be able to send fun, flirty, emotion inducing messages in order to keep a girl’s attention when you’re not around.

6: How to Please a Woman Sexually

The final piece of the puzzle is your ability to please a woman in the bedroom. If you’re putting all the information in this article to use, your dates are going to end back in your bedroom. The question is: Are you ready for it?

If you want to keep a girl coming back for more then you need to know how to continually turn her, build massive sexual tension, and give her orgasms in the bedroom. This involves both learning sexual techniques, as well as learning how to spike desire through pushing and pulling type behavior that creates the sexual tension she craves.

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