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How to Get a Date

How to Get a Date with a Girl

Sometimes when you go out, you go out for fun. Othertimes, you go out, looking for specific situations and things to get yourself into ? like going out with girls outside of the club.

That?s right ? you can do more with women than take them dancing inside darkened rooms that look horrifying in the daylight. You can bring them out to events ? picnics, movie theaters, to other friend?s parties ? it is the essence of dating.

Dating is the essence of human contact, it?s what gets the most play in conversation, and entire topics of conversation are devoted to the mysteries of the opposite sex. So, you?re on this website. You?re browsing around to try to get information ? chances are you want to know how to get a date.? And how to find a girlfriend.

Don?t worry ? it?s much easier than you think. MUCH, much easier than you think. There are a number of helpful hints you can keep in mind when you want to figure out how to get a date.

How to Get a Girlfriend

1. ?Be the best version of yourself.

Guess what ? if you can?t get a date currently, in your present state (which you probably can), there?s something you can always do called ?personal growth?. There?s an entire section of self-help books dedicated to it, the whole PUA seminar thing that?s happening is dedicated to making yourself the best version of you ? only they recommend you do it your way.

I?m advocating you find what makes you happy and what you?re good at and start doing it. If that means taking time off for yourself, and acquiring new skills, you have to do it. Find out about fashion, widen your base of knowledge and conversation, then learn about the food in your area. Learn about tremendous events that are happening nearby ? or if you?re in a rural area, be able to plan good ones.

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2. ?Practice initiating conversations.

The best part about learning how to interact and socialize with people isn?t the fact that it may eventually lead to sex ? it?s that it leads to a full and complete social life. Full and complete social lives and skills that you?ve acquired will lead to sex, but you can?t practice that on everyone you meet. You can, however, practice conversations. It?s a very easy thing to do ? chances are that you do it daily, now all you need to do is take those conversations and stretch them out. Maybe add a little goal at the end of them. Initiate conversation like it?s the easiest thing in the world, always push for a number or some kind of endpoint. If you don?t push it ? you?re not going to get better results?it?s just like going to the gym. You don?t push, no results. So get out there and push towards an outcome.

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3. ?Always go for the number or contact details.

When you don?t go for contact details, you get rusty. Whenever you?re out ? always, always, ALWAYS be pushing for a goal. You can?t go out with somebody or even start to go out with somebody if you never get any type of information. Too many times interactions go incredibly well, but one or either party doesn?t cement it with the number. When you go for the contact details, you?re going to do the thing that?s going to make it much easier in the long run ? and seed an event that you feel you?d both be mutually interested in, and seed it hard. This is why you need to know what events are happening in your area ? as there may be some insanely cool things you are blissfully unaware of and can incorporate into your nights out. Free dessert nights? Free things at the museum? Free shows? All of those can be a part of your life, with a woman.

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4. Realize every event you go to can be a potential date.

What differentiates a person who has a lot of women around him with a person who doesn?t have a lot of women around him? The person who always has a lot of women in his life will invite them to things. If you?re going out to a little event, invite girls. If you?re going anywhere, invite girls. It?s the darndest thing ? just like asking for someone?s phone number will garner you more than a few people?s contact details, inviting girls out to parties and events will ensure that they eventually come to parties and events. Ensuring that you?ll eventually know how to get a date. Now the thing you have to worry about is holding their attention at said parties and events.

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5. ?Ask a lot of girls out.

That?s what dating is. A lot of people feel like you need to commit to one person right away, but the reality of it is, you?re there to experiment and find out what works best for you.

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So get out and experiment. It?s the best way to learn how to get a date.

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