The Secrets of Relationship Management

Some guys want true love, to raise rugrats… and live happily ever after…

I want these things too… I just don’t want them so soon.

Why not have a little fun first? Right?

If you’re one of the guys dead set on meeting the future Mrs. [insert your last name] then I’ve
got nothing else for you today.

But if you’re one of the guys who is excited to find yourself in the prime of your life, with the
skills necessary to meet beautiful women, and see yourself living the sort of life you secretly
dream of… then you’ll want to listen to what I have to say.

What a true player knows…

Many guys think that once they learn how to attract and date more women, all their problems
are over. But a true player knows- That’s when the real problems begin.

How many times have you found yourself stuck smack in the middle of a relationship
having no idea how you got there, or how you’ll get out?

Relationship Management

Nick Savoy, one of the geniuses’s behind the bible of pickup Magic Bullets, and a man who
has personally taught thousands of men around the world how to successfully attract women
(including 4 of this year’s ten best PUAs) has finally produced a program for guys like us.

Do you see yourself dating and sleeping with multiple women? Not having to lie, sneak around,
or feel bad about it?

Can you imagine yourself with a couple of spectacularly gorgeous women totally ok with the
idea of sharing you?

If it seems far off… it’s not.

Now that you’ve got the ability to meet women, to attract women, and are pretty good in the
bedroom… there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be getting exactly what you want.

Are you thinking, “Where do you find these types of girls?”

These girls are everywhere.

The problem was never the girls… the problem was that up until now you’ve never known how
to go into a relationship on the terms that you want, up front, no misunderstanding, no broken

The fact is; there are plenty of girls out there willing to do things you never dreamed possible.

  • Threesomes
  • Multiple girlfriends
  • Open relationships
  • Orgies
  • Fuck buddies

Once you know how to dictate these things right from the beginning, you’ll never find yourself
stuck in another boring relationship, all the while imagining yourself Mick Jagger.

If this sort of lifestyle fills you with excitement, then read all about how it is not only completely
possible, but rather easy to design once you’ve got the knowledge and a solid plan.

Our Bonus offer to you

I think that is it pretty clear by the length of this letter how important I feel the topic of
relationship management is. I am going to make an offer to the readers of TSB Magazine.

If you purchase the relationship management DVDs we will give you two personal phone
coaching sessions totaling one hour with myself and Mike Stoute.

We will use this time to help with your lifestyle design, and set goals towards achieving it.

We will help you identify sticking points, and set a plan in motion for overcoming them.

This offer is only good from the exclusive link below. You must clear you cookies
(how to clear cookies) before visiting the sales page for the DVDs so that we can accurately
track this. Once you purchase the DVDs, email us a copy of your receipt and we will
schedule your coaching sessions.


At the very least, click through to learn exactly what these DVDs contain, and what you
can expect to learn from them.


I hope that I’ve convinced you just how important the topic of relationship management is.
It is a topic close to my heart…as I’m currently in the thick of another relationship.
Take Care,

Bobby Rio

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