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  • Kia Serves Up 5-Hour Commercial Featuring Model Adriana Lima

    Don’t be surprised if you see the roads overrun with 2012 Kia Optimas this year. South Korea’s second-largest auto manufacturer, Kia Motors, upped the ante for Super Bowl XLVI, premiering two commercials that offer potential car buyers...

    • Posted February 7, 2012
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  • Adriana Lima No Longer a Virgin

    Listen… There are no such things as Virgins in Brazil. So I never believed the Adriana Lima virgin rumor anyway… but all you guys who dreamed about popping that cherry can put those dreams to rest.  She...

    • Posted February 24, 2009
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  • Nikki Cappelli and The 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of all Time

    Nikki Cappelli still rules the Superbowl The Super Bowl commercials have been rather week the last couple years. is usually the only bright spot, as they continually push the envelop with new exciting hotties ever year....

    • Posted January 29, 2009
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  • These Girls Are So Hot It Makes Me Sick

    Victoria Secret Models in Bikinis These girls are really so fucking hot it makes me sick. Its like staring at a Ferrari in a show room. Just so damn perfect. Which one do think is the hottest?...

    • Posted January 27, 2009
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  • Hottest Adriana Lima Pictures Ever

    I know these Adriana Lima pictures from GQ magazine are old. But I just came across them again today and felt a compulsion to post them. Maybe because I was going through my pics from my last...

    • Posted May 16, 2008
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  • Adriana Lima Is the Hottest Brazilian Model

    I know that I’ve advised you guys not to go to Rio de Janeiro. I stand by that advice. You’ll go, you’ll fall in love with the city, and you will eventually face the crushing withdrawal symptoms...

    • Posted September 20, 2007
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