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  • Batman Fans Erupt Over Negative Reviews of “The Dark Knight Rises”

    Holy overreaction, Batman! Fans around the interwebs are going Joker-crazy, threatening and harassing film critics for publishing negative reviews of the upcoming Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises.” Enraged Batman fans are up in arms over the...

    • Posted July 19, 2012
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  • Top Five Movies of Marion Cotillard

    I got to go down to Comic-Con again this year and had a good time, but two things made this year a bit more special than normal. The first reason was “The Walking Dead Escape,” which was...

    • Posted July 17, 2012
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  • Christian Bale Takes a Bow as Batman

    The Dark Knight will rise for the last time in 2012. Christian Bale recently confirmed that “The Dark Knight Rises” will be the last time he’ll play the Caped Crusader. In an interview with the Philippine Daily...

    • Posted December 1, 2011
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  • Which Catwoman is Sexiest?

    We’re doing a little something different this week in regards to this Monday Hot Babe post. Instead of just focusing on a single woman, we’re opening up the field a bit. With the release/leak of pics of...

    • Posted August 8, 2011
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  • Word on the Street: DC Comics is Going to Kill Batman

    After taking out Captain America, it looks like DC has its sights on taking out Batman: Batman RIP’ will see “the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman”, according to Grant Morrison . There...

    • Posted November 25, 2008
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