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    How Do You Break Up With A Girl Without Hurting Her Feelings?

    img Posted September 15, 2017

    Reducing The Risk Of An Extreme Response The simple answer to the title question is that you cannot do so. There will always be tears?either publically or privately?consternation, ...


    Are You Having An Emotional Affair?

    img Posted February 2, 2017

    It all started out so well. Those first few months of your relationship were like nothing you had ever experienced before. They were filled with wild marathons of sex, late night c ...


    The Realities of Breaking Up

    img Posted July 30, 2013

    I must begin with a confession. Even though I?m a self-proclaimed ?dating expert,? my expertise doesn?t extend much beyond attracting women and getting into relationships. Once I?m ...


    How To Break Up With A Chick The Right Way

    img Posted April 3, 2013

    There are right ways and wrong ways to break up with a chick you?re dating. I usually have a goal in mind when I?m about to ditch a girl: a) I just want to be friends, b) I want to ...


    Must-Read: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    img Posted February 25, 2013

    Breaking up is never easy, no matter what age bracket you’re in. If you’re the one who is being broken up with, you are terribly heart. If you are the one doing the bre ...


    5 Ways to Move on After Someone Breaks Your Heart

    img Posted October 24, 2012

    Heartbreak is one of the most painful experiences we can undergo. To someone who doesn?t know the feeling, it?s difficult to explain. A complex entanglement of disappointment, conf ...


    The Player’s Guide To Breaking Up

    img Posted July 11, 2012

    It doesn?t matter how it happened, you got dumped or dumped someone, breaking up is absolutely horrible. This article is going to focus on ?How To Break Up? and then on ?How To Get ...


    The Five Stages of the College Breakup

    img Posted August 6, 2009

    Breaking up with someone is sort of like putting a pet to sleep, in that everyone finds it funny but you. Back in college, I remember after a break up, one of my “bros” ...

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