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    Must-Read: Kitchen Gadgets You Need

    img Posted August 29, 2014

    Tools make the man. That’s not just a silly saying. That’s the truth. And it makes sense. If you have a job to do, you’re only as good as your tools. If you don&# ...


    Must-Read: Kitchen Essentials

    img Posted October 5, 2012

    We spend a decent amount of time here giving out recipes, or things you should be shopping for, or other ways in order to help you are the kitchen. For a true man is a man who can ...


    Must-Read: Instant Cooking Class

    img Posted January 13, 2012

    One of the things on that list of New Years Resolutions for 2012 for myself is “Learning How to Cook.” Which, in itself, is a fine and noble pursuit. The problem, thoug ...


    Must-Read: Manliest Cooking Experiences

    img Posted April 21, 2011

    One of my earliest memories is heading over to my aunt and uncle’s house for a family party. They were a little more well-off than we were, so they’d host a large amoun ...


    Cooking on Dates and Orgasmic Food with Krystle Nicole Russin

    img Posted April 20, 2011

    We recently had a chance to interview Krystle Nicole Russin.? She?s the author of ?The Non-Diet Real Cookbook.?? She also happens to be a model.? So TSB Magazine figured she would ...


    Must-Read: The Best Grilled Cheese Ever

    img Posted March 18, 2011

    A friend of ours actually said the following statement to us once, “I don’t see why people like grilled cheese.” As you can imagine, this person is no longer our ...


    Must-Download: Men’s Health’s Grocery List

    img Posted February 24, 2011

    As I type this, I just spent a whooping $75 on groceries at the local Ralph’s. (With my Ralph’s card, that was $25 worth of savings!) And boy, if I’m not already ...


    The Best Crock-Pot Recipes

    img Posted February 22, 2011

    Your Best Friend for Winter Cooking Right now we?re still in the depths of winter and that means your best friend for preparing meat is under wraps for another month if not more: y ...


    Must-Read: Grilling Indoors

    img Posted January 10, 2011

    Last December, I moved into a place for the first time in my adult life with a full-fledged goddamn kitchen. One with, you know, a full-sized stove, space to maneuver and chop vari ...


    Cooking: The College Man’s Dilemma

    img Posted August 10, 2010

    Put The Pizza Away For A Second One of the most difficult things to do in college is to cook a filling meal that is somewhat healthy. Very few people of college-age know how to coo ...

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