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    Using Jealously To Turn A Friend into you Girlfriend

    img Posted May 31, 2010

    It May Be Morally Iffy, But It Works One of the FASTEST ways to turn a friend into a lover is to make her JEALOUS. You must make her see you as a MAN. And to do that, it’s all a ...


    How To Make a Female Friend Become Your Girlfriend

    img Posted May 24, 2010

    Can You Turn a Female Friend into A Girlfriend? The Answer Is Easier Than You’d Think The age-old answer for how to turn a friend into something more? Variety. Variety is EVERYTH ...


    The Five Stages of the College Breakup

    img Posted August 6, 2009

    Breaking up with someone is sort of like putting a pet to sleep, in that everyone finds it funny but you. Back in college, I remember after a break up, one of my “bros” ...


    How to Make Her Your Girlfriend

    img Posted April 8, 2009

    How to make the smooth transition to the next level In this latest podcast, Lance, from joins me to talk about moving from dating towards a relationship. Both Lan ...


    How to Make Her Your Girlfriend – Free Ebook

    img Posted March 12, 2009

    How to Make Her Want to Be Your Girlfriend I was going through various files on my computer and I came across this old ebook Mike Stoute wrote back when we were still called The Se ...


    Cure For One-Itis

    img Posted February 20, 2009

    Are You Suffering from… One-itis? If so, you are close to being a sucker. You are close to being pussified. You are very, very, very close to… I hate to say it, the dre ...


    How I Ruined a Perfectly Good Threesome Opportunity

    img Posted January 19, 2009

    A few days ago I had a chat with Nick Savoy about his upcoming Relationship Management program. One of the topics we discussed was introducing a threesome into any sort of relation ...


    How to Score Your Female Friend

    img Posted January 14, 2009

    How to Turn a Friend into a Lover I just recently found this video from Juggler of Charisma Arts. It seems that Juggler has taken a more comedic approach to his videos. Which isn&# ...


    How To Make a Friend into a Girlfriend

    img Posted December 5, 2008

    Getting Your Female Friend into Bed Dave M passed me along this video. The topic is a topic that I’m sure everyone has dealt with at some point or another. There is something ...


    How To Spot Quality Women

    img Posted December 3, 2008

    Quality women aren’t particularly rare if you know how to spot them. Most men make a huge mistake – they look for “surface compatibility” instead of potenti ...

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