[{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img5.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : Six Steps To Reviving A Dead Conversation When a girl ignores your messages, it can feel like such a fall from grace. Yesterday, you were having a great time and she seemed super-down for a date. Now, you?re supposedly not worth responding to. This situation can seem as if you?re backed into a corner with","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2018\/02\/05\/what-to-do-when-a-girl-stops-texting-you\/","title":"What To Do When A Girl Stops Texting You","comment":"0","timestamp":1532995200,"date":"July 31, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/01\/2015-08-12-1439417899-4636446-ThinkstockPhotos87706176WaystoTurnaDateAround.jpg","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to tell if you are having a romantic rendezvous or just hanging out Some women are very hard to read. I know: understatement of the century. But one of the more puzzling features of modern dating is figuring out if you are actually on a date?that is, a rendezvous meant to signal romantic interest,","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2017\/12\/08\/are-you-really-on-a-date\/","title":"Are You Really On A Date?","comment":"0","timestamp":1527292800,"date":"May 26, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/01\/2015-08-12-1439417899-4636446-ThinkstockPhotos87706176WaystoTurnaDateAround.jpg","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to Pass a Girl’s Shit Test What\u2019s the right attitude for responding to a \u201cshit test?\u201d How should you respond when a girl throws one at you? This is a question I get a lot when I\u2019m working with one of my private coaching clients. \u201cShould I appear angry?\u201d \u201cShould I laugh it off\u201d","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2017\/01\/17\/the-shit-test-formula\/","title":"The Shit Test Formula","comment":"0","timestamp":1532908800,"date":"July 30, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/04\/rsz_2018-06-17_1122.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to Keep Your Self Respect Around Women What do these three situations have in common? 1. You lend a girl money, she tells you she?s going to pay you back?in a week, but now a month has gone by, and neither of you have brought it up even though you really need the money.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2016\/04\/28\/how-to-handle-crappy-behavior-from-girls-without-ruining-things\/","title":"How to Handle “Crappy Behavior” From Girls… (without ruining things)","comment":"0","timestamp":1528761600,"date":"June 12, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img5.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to Amplify Sexual Attraction (8 Simple Ways) It would be nice if sexual attraction was simply a result of stating what makes you a sex-worthy man and then she would logically assess whether your argument is valid or not. Interactions would go like this: Man: ?I?m in great physical shape, I can take you","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2015\/01\/06\/8-tips-to-increase-sexual-attraction\/","title":"8 Tips to increase Sexual Attraction","comment":"0","timestamp":1536019200,"date":"September 4, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img9.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : Display THESE Masculine Traits That Make Women Want You… Back in the day, it was enough to just be a man. You drank whiskey, grew a moustache and bareknuckle boxed total strangers with no shirt on. You smelt like diesel fuel and smoked meat, and women loved you for it. At least, I think that?s","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2014\/11\/28\/5-manly-habits-that-drive-women-crazy\/","title":"5 Manly Habits That Drive Women Crazy with Attraction","comment":"3","timestamp":1534982400,"date":"August 23, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img6.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : The Secret of Creating a Sexual Vibe Today I want to talk about the importance of creating?a ?sexual vibe? with a girl QUICKLY. I put the quickly in capital letters for a reason. Too many guys think ?first, I?m going to show her what a nice, funny, interesting guy I am?? ?THEN I?ll try to","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2014\/11\/18\/sexual-vibe\/","title":"#1 Mistake Preventing You From Creating a “Sexual Vibe”","comment":"1","timestamp":1539043200,"date":"October 9, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img2.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to Spark the Right “Vibe” with a Woman Having an enjoyable conversation with a girl is the first step towards getting to exactly where you want to go with her. Why does it seem so effortless for some guys and so difficult for you? You know what I mean? Some guys seem to have","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2014\/09\/03\/3-tactics-to-create-the-vibe-with-a-girl\/","title":"3 Tactics to Create \u201cThe Vibe\u201d with A Girl","comment":"0","timestamp":1528761600,"date":"June 12, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img1.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : Eliminate Neediness Around Women Do you want to know why girls get so turned on and excited by guys we view as “players,” “jerks,” or “bad boys”? I used to get really confused why a girl would so quickly go home with one of these guys. And I was always obsessed with figuring out “what","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2014\/07\/09\/how-to-appear-less-needy-when-talking-to-a-girl\/","title":"How to Appear Less Needy When Talking to a Girl","comment":"0","timestamp":1528329600,"date":"June 7, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img1.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to Meet Women in Bars and Clubs I often get asked about bar and club game so it seemed only natural to do an article about it. To try to focus everything in one this article is mainly going to be about the actual night itself rather than the location. Assuming that you know","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2012\/06\/21\/the-players-game-plan-for-a-night-out\/","title":"The Player\u2019s Game Plan For A Night Out","comment":"0","timestamp":1534118400,"date":"August 13, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img9.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to Move it Forward When She’s at Your Place Getting a girl back to your place is the dating equivalent to getting the ball into the red zone in football. You?re knocking on heaven?s door: so close to the awesomenesss, yet nothing is guaranteed. You could still fumble here and lose it all. In","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2012\/02\/15\/when-you-have-a-girl-back-at-your-place\/","title":"When You Have a Girl Back at Your Place","comment":"6","timestamp":1529971200,"date":"June 26, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img4.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to Score the 9 or 10 So, you?re out in a bar and you see her, time slows down, a wind machine magically appears but is somehow only aimed at her hair. It?s that classic scene from an 80?s film but somehow in the middle of a bar in 2011. Then you realize ?oh","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2011\/11\/23\/how-to-get-that-one-super-hot-girl\/","title":"How to Get That One Super Hot Girl","comment":"1","timestamp":1532736000,"date":"July 28, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img7.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : What Does it Mean if She Waits to Respond to Your Text? Sending your lady of choice a text message is like dipping your toe in the water before jumping into the pool ? easy and almost risk-free. The big difference is that the pool water won?t leave you hanging for a day before telling","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2011\/08\/03\/when-she-doesn%e2%80%99t-respond-until-the-next-day\/","title":"When She Doesn\u2019t Respond Until the Next Day","comment":"1","timestamp":1535760000,"date":"September 1, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img4.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to Tell if Woman is Sexually Satisfied with You I?ve talked to thousands of women about their sex lives and I have seen it all. The great, the mediocre, and unfortunately the most common … the unfulfilled and unsatisfied. But the most surprising thing is that most guys are completely unaware of how they","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2011\/05\/19\/how-your-girl-acts-when-you%e2%80%99re-amazing-in-bed\/","title":"How Your Girl Acts When You\u2019re Amazing In Bed","comment":"2","timestamp":1541030400,"date":"November 1, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/05\/Depositphotos_183377734_m-2015.jpg","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How and Why You Must Get the ?Kiss? I was just watching the movie Glengarry Glen Ross last night, and in probably the best scene of his life, Alec Baldwin states an eternal truth: A-B-C. A-always? B-be? C-closing.Always be closing! Always be closing!! I remember when I first saw the movie, although Alec was talking","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2011\/03\/03\/%e2%80%9cclosing-the-deal%e2%80%9d-with-women\/","title":"\u201cClosing the Deal\u201d with Women","comment":"1","timestamp":1529280000,"date":"June 18, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img4.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : The Secrets to Making Her Horny and Aroused There are few things that empower a man more than his ability to arouse a woman sexually. But not every guy knows which buttons to push, since there seem to be so many, and each chick is wired differently. So to make things manageable, I present to","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2011\/01\/28\/how-to-arouse-a-woman-part-one\/","title":"How to Arouse a Woman: The Secret to Sexual Attraction","comment":"1","timestamp":1531094400,"date":"July 9, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img9.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : The “Good Boyfriend” Habit (Must Eliminate) My girlfriend would probably describe me a ?good? boyfriend. I take good care of her, treat her well, I?m compromising, I pay attention to?her, and I listen to her problems and try to help her through them. But here’? the thing… My girlfriend would NEVER have described any of","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2010\/12\/10\/8-%e2%80%9cgood-boyfriend%e2%80%9d-traits-killing-your-game\/","title":"8 \u201cFriend Zone\u201d Traits Killing Your Game","comment":"1","timestamp":1527465600,"date":"May 28, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img3.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : Did She Fake the Orgasm? Here’s Test… There?s a very simple test which allows you to know for sure whether or not she?s having an orgasm. And that is: ** IF YOU?RE JUST ?PRETTY SURE? OR YOU ?THINK? SHE HAD AN ORGASM, IT IS 100% GUARANTEED THAT SHE FAKED IT OR YOU JUST IMAGINED IT.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2010\/04\/13\/how-to-know-if-she%e2%80%99s-faking-orgasms\/","title":"How To Know If She\u2019s Faking Orgasms","comment":"1","timestamp":1530662400,"date":"July 4, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img6.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : The Signs a Girl Likes You (and the #1 Proof) How many times have you been twenty minutes into a conversation with a woman ? and asking yourself ?Does she like me or is she just being polite?? It would be so much easier if they just came right out and said it, wouldn?t it?","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2009\/10\/22\/how-to-tell-if-a-girl-likes-you-5-signs-to-look-for\/","title":"How to Tell if a Girl Likes You (5 Fool Proof Signs to Look For)","comment":"486","timestamp":1531612800,"date":"July 15, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img4.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : Don’t Blow the Kiss (Avoid THESE Mistakes) We’ve all been there. We’ve had a perfectly nice time with a woman.? We sensed some sort of connection, but for some strange reason the date has ended and we’ve totally blown it with this kiss. Going for the kiss with a woman… and how you go about","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2009\/09\/18\/the-7-biggest-mistakes-men-make-when-going-for-the-kiss\/","title":"The 7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Going For the Kiss","comment":"7","timestamp":1538352000,"date":"October 1, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/05\/Depositphotos_11709073_l-2015.jpg","content":"From TSBMag Archive : How to Attract a Woman By Being “Direct” with Her When it comes to picking up babes, there are two schools of thought. One school says to approach women ?under the radar? in an ?indirect? way such as asking for directions, asking for a female opinion on something, or making a situational comment that will","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2009\/08\/11\/on-the-benefits-of-being-shameless\/","title":"On the Benefits of Being Shameless","comment":"3","timestamp":1527638400,"date":"May 30, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img2.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : Why Women Test You (and How to Handle Them) I want to tell you a story about the exact moment I learned to love being tested by a woman. It wasn’t always this way.? In fact, long ago I was clueless to the fact that women were actually testing men.? I thought that when women","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2009\/06\/26\/handling-womens-tests\/","title":"Handling Women’s Tests","comment":"5","timestamp":1533427200,"date":"August 5, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img3.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : Why Women Want a Man Who “Leads” “I’m hungry.? Come over to my house. And we’ll head over to The Barnyard for a burger and some beers.? Wear something cute and summery.” Most guys would not have the balls to say something like that to a woman with whom they are setting up a first","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2009\/06\/24\/how-to-keep-your-power-edge-with-women\/","title":"How to Keep Your Power Edge With Women","comment":"13","timestamp":1528070400,"date":"June 4, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img3.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : Which Seduction Archetype Are You? In his popular book The Art of Seduction Robert Greene claims that there a nine seducer types in the world, each with their own particular character trait that comes from deep within and creates a seductive pull. Each one of us should ideally fit into at least one of these","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2008\/11\/18\/the-7-seduction-archetypes\/","title":"The 7 Seduction Archetypes","comment":"9","timestamp":1535587200,"date":"August 30, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img8.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : What Does it Mean to “Go Caveman” on Girls? Neil Strauss brought the term “caveman” into popularity in his book The Game. Strauss defines caveman as: To directly and aggressively escalate psychical contact, and progress toward sex, with a consenting woman; predicated on the idea that early humans beings did not use intelligence and words","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2008\/04\/02\/going-caveman-on-women\/","title":"Going Caveman on Women","comment":"23","timestamp":1537142400,"date":"September 17, 2018","issticky":1},{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/05\/rsz_depositphotos_25117059_m-2015.jpg","content":"From TSBMag Archive : The Different Styles of Flirting Being able to flirt is absolutely essential if you want to have A-game with women. You can peacock, recite routines and openers, practice inner game, but if you don’t know how to escalate a conversation through flirting then you will always have trouble with women. Competitive Flirting Competitive flirting takes","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2007\/08\/22\/more-tips-on-flirting\/","title":"Tips on Flirting","comment":"3","timestamp":1529539200,"date":"June 21, 2018","issticky":1}]