[{"imgsrc":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/wp-content\/themes\/tsbmagnew\/images\/placeholder\/l-img7.png","content":"From TSBMag Archive : The dandy attracts a woman by being ambiguous. He doesn’t fit the stereotypically masculine ideal. He can’t be categorized. He clearly likes women, but gives off a homesexual vibe to most that encounter him. He even seems to indulge in that vibe. The dandy fashions his image to be a bit mysterious by going above","permalink":"https:\/\/www.tsbmag.com\/2008\/11\/18\/the-7-seduction-archetypes\/","title":"The 7 Seduction Archetypes","comment":"9","timestamp":1535587200,"date":"August 30, 2018","issticky":1}]