#1 Secret to Swagger

Up until now we’ve discussed expressing your real personality, activating your imagination (and quieting your logical brain), and avoiding “faulty” conversation frameworks.

But there is something else that is required to get and REMAIN in the state of being ON.

If you want to make being ON consistent, you need to:

1. Develop a “Conviction” in you that will NOT falter under “shit tests”, rejection, or uncertainty.

2. Act “normal” in high arousal situations like on dates, at bars, clubs, and high status social events.

3. Project a “relaxed confidence” that quickly puts other people at ease around you.

Let me explain something in very simple terms:

The more confident you initially appear, the more girls will push back against you to see if you’re for “real.”

And when that push back comes, which it inevitably will, that is the moment most guys crumble, lose their “state”, and withdraw back into their own head.

Maybe you’ve been there.

You were “ON”, talkative, feeling confident…

Then you noticed a girl wrinkle her nose at something you said, or roll her eyes, or maybe she overtly took a “jab” at you with a subtle insult or condescending tone of voice…

…Or she “teased” you in a way you weren’t sure if she was serious or not.

…She made a sarcastic comment about your shoes.

…She told you to “stop trying so hard.”

I once had a girl wipe spit off her face, and tell me “you just spit on me” while I was in the middle of a story.

A lot of times the girl doesn’t have to do anything…

A lot of times YOU psyche yourself out.

Maybe the conversation moves toward a topic that you have a deep level of insecurity about; your lack of college education, your embarrassing job, the fact that you live with your parents, your limited past relationships or sexual experience…

And as soon as the conversation takes a turn in that direction…

Poof. Your “game” is suddenly over.

Your “cool guy” persona crumbles, and you revert back to safe and logical “impress her” or “interview” mode.

And no matter how hard you try, you can’t get that Mojo back.

What the hell happened?

You experienced “Reactivity”.

The Secret of Swagger.

There are hundreds of ways to describe “swagger.”

But how we define it in my new program is:

Your ability let things roll right off of you, and stay “normal” and “relaxed” in the face of pressure or adversity.

“A Mind Like Water”

In martial arts there is an image that’s used to define… “mind like water.”

When you stick your hand into a stream, the water reacts instantly and appropriately, to continue its path and just goes around your arm.

There is no pause, no hesitation, no having to think to work out the best root. It just does it naturally and instantly; which is how you should strive to counter any real or perceived attacks that come at you (as above).

What does this look like?

Imagine a girl tells you “Uh, I hate guys who wear vests. You’d look better without it.”

How do you react?

Let’s look at three options:

1. (taking off the vest) jokingly “do I look better now”

2. (hesitating) “I’m glad I’m not trying to impress you.”

3. “Thanks for the advice” (then go on like it was never said)

In the first two scenarios you “reacted” and let her comment change your state.

In the 3rd scenario, you had a mind like water, and continued your path, regardless of what was said.

That is SWAGGER.

And swagger is crucial to maintain the feelings and behaviors of being “ON”.

Let’s develop this in YOU.

Here’s how:

Swagger is built on FOUR foundational attitudes and behaviors. Think of each of them like a pillar holding you up.

Each one leading you toward that “mind like water.”

If even one of these pillars falters, your confidence comes crashing down.

And you immediately appear like a “fraud” or “phony” to the person you’re interacting with.

In “The ON Formula” I’ll guide you through strengthening and maintaining each of these four pillars.

When you have a solid foundation of confidence and swagger:

– You feel “entitled’ to start a conversation

– To say what’s on your mind

– To be the centre of attention

– To socialize with other charismatic people

– To dictate the vibe of interactions

-To set trends of what’s cool

– To express your personality freely and unfiltered

When a woman meets a guy who feels completely confident to talk to her, joke around with her, tell stories, and generally lead the interaction, she responds well automatically.