The #1 Seduction Ingredient

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of: Unlock Her Legs: How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl

love3So this is going to be my last article in what I’m calling The Seduction Trilogy.

You can read the first two articles:

  1. What Makes Women Fall in Love
  2. Engineering Love

There are a few basic ideas that I’ve been trying to get across to you:

  • You fall in love with a person while you’re away from them… thinking about them.
  • The more you occupy a woman’s thoughts the more she begins to think she’s in love with you.
  • Love is an “emotion’s game” meaning the more emotions you produce in a woman, the more she becomes emotionally addicted to you… (at this point she convinces herself she’s in love with you)

In the last article I talked about a few of the best emotions that you are trying to stir in her.

Things like confusion, surprise, joy, and anticipation.

Now before I continue, don’t mistake me…

It is very important that you produce good feelings in a woman like joy and fun so that she likes being
around you…

But unfortunately that’s not enough.

#1 Reason ‘Nice Guys’ Lose the Girls They Really Like

If you ever lost a girl who seemed to really enjoy your company this is why… You weren’t providing her the
variety of emotions she craves.

If a movie was two hours of positive shit happening to the lead character it would get BORING.

And that’s why most “nice guys” lose the girls they really like.

Because they think that a woman wants non stop joy and happiness. They don’t. They want some good old fashioned drama mixed in.

love1Which is why bad boys do so well with women.

These guys provide women an emotional roller-coaster.

And they EXCEL at providing a woman the most powerful emotion there is:

“Fear of Loss”

It is a psychological fact that the minute we think we’ve lost something…it becomes 10 times more valuable
to us…

Have you ever been sort of on the fence about a girl…but then she starts flaking on you… and suddenly you decide you want her? That’s fear of loss in action.

Humans hate losing shit.

When something (or someone) seems to be slipping away we’ll do just about anything to keep it.

And when we sense we might have lost something we begin to focus ENTIRELY on the good qualities.

This is why women constantly overlook all the negative shit bad boys do. Because they are in a constant fear of losing the bad boy.

When you learn how to trigger “fear of loss” in a woman, she begins to hang on for dear life.

And every second she spends away from you, is time she spends convincing herself that she must be
in love with you.

Almost all of the weapons of seduction I go through in the Seduction Weapons portion of Unlock Her Legs in some way invoke fear of loss.

I once had a girl I was dating say to me “Every time you walk out the door I feel like it might be the last
time I see you.” And because of that… she found herself constantly wondering if I was going to call, looking for my text messages… and stalking me out on Facebook to see what I was up to.

It doesn’t have to be as extreme as that 🙂 But you get my point. Its that important.

One more thing to keep in mind; It is almost impossible for a woman to fall in love with you without the fear that she could lose you.

“Nice guys” blow this big time. One of the biggest reasons nice guys can’t keep the women they really like is because these women have absolutely NO fear of loss with them.

“Fear of Loss” is an essential ingredient to a seduction.

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