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Must-Read: Stress Killers


Get un-stressed!

As I type this, I am fucking pissed off. Something with a project I’ve been working on didn’t exactly go as planned – i.e., not at all – which means it’s back to goddamn square one on it. Hours and Hours of work, pretty much down the drain. (This might be drastic, but still.) In any case, it’s been a stressful morning. And I’ve been downing cups and cups of coffee which, according to this article over at, isn’t the smartest idea.

According to them, it is nothing but a stress additive:

No.7 Skip the cup o’ Joe

Forget canines. It’s caffeine that’s actually man’s best friend. With around 90% of adults ingesting it daily, caffeine is the most widely consumed drug. Unfortunately, like with any drug, there are side effects. While caffeine helps keep us awake, it can also send our stress levels through the roof. Research shows that caffeine makes the heart beat faster, elevates blood pressure and elevates levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.  Drink too much coffee too often, and it could contribute to the development of chronic stress. So, if you’re the type that gets jittery after just a few sips of the dark stuff, it’s probably best you start skipping that daily cup o’ Joe and stick to morning walks with the dog to wake you up.

So, we’ve decided to put the cup down for the rest of the day and follow the rest of the stress killers from the article. We figured since it helped us out, maybe it’ll help you folks out if you’re having a stressful Friday. (Or, really, a stressful anyway.) It’s really a pretty good list for any of you who are feeling a bit down or overworked.

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  1. Robert Fried

    May 27, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    A great way to control stress and feel great is through hypnosis. I have a high success rate.

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