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Must-Read: Best Hookup Apps


Phone sex!

I am a last adapter. Of the millions of people with cell phones, I am one of the last hundred or so people on the planet that do not have a smartphone.  How do I survive? Mostly by texting and actually calling people. That seems to work just fine. But after reading this piece over at Wired about the various ways to use your smartphone technology to hook up, I may need to actually spend some money and invest in an actual data plan. I mean, look at the options!

This one’s my favorite:

Facebook WaitingRoom
Lets the people on your “to stalk” list know that you are out there, patiently waiting for them to be single again.
Also good for: Reminding people on your “to stalk” list to quit procrastinating on that restraining order.

Although, really, do people update their statuses that often anymore? There’s so many girls I’ve met that are listed as “single,” or nothing at all, but are really “in a relationship.” No matter, the point is: Do any of you guys have “hookup apps” that you rely on? What’s your favorite smartphone program when it’s late at night and you’re own on the digital prowl?

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