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When we talk about “pre-gaming” here, generally we mean pouring yourself a drink before heading on out to the club, or maybe working on some lines that you’re going to whip out in a bit when you see an attractive lady at said club. What we don’t mean is performing some kind of weird ritual before we play a sporting event, because — if you don’t know this about us yet, then we don’t know what blog you’ve been reading — we are not professional athletes.

Get you pre-game on

You see, the pros take their pre-gaming very seriously. They have all sorts of strange rituals that they perform in order to try to get in the head of the opponent, or get out of their own head, or just simply help them enact some kind of weird voodoo power that will cause they to hit a home run/dunk a basketball/smack the hell out of an opposing running back. While none of these rituals really fall into the “news you can use” category, there are a few lessons to gleam from this list over at Maximthat goes through the various pre-game rituals that are some of the strangest. For example:

Sleeping with the Enemy

NBA star Jason Terry likes to get to know his opponents intimately before each and every game. The night before, he sleeps in a pair of the opposing team’s shorts. Now, we’re not sure if this is simply a superstition or if his morning wood has magical hex powers, but either way, Terry is a sporting goods store’s dream athlete.

Head on over to the above link to check out the rest, and then see if any of them fit into your lives.

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